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Dublin | Labrador Retriever | Mission Viejo, Ca | In- Training


Pupdate 05/10/21

Dublin spent her first day getting to know her new surroundings. She was not a fan of the car ride to my house or walking on a collar when we got home. We will be working to desensitize her to walking on a collar and as many new things and sounds as possible. After our evening walk, she did some more investigating of the house and played some confidence-building games. When she encountered something new and scary she would crouch down low and crawl away so we used that to work on recall away from the scary things until she felt confident to walk by them. (Moving boxes, a big fan, and a step ladder) She was very proud of herself and would try to jump when she would recall past the items she was initially scared of. She did not finish her food but ate a little bit and went potty on our walk so baby steps!


Pupdate 05/11/21

Dublin had a big day today. She went to new parks to work around new dogs and people. She was not a fan of some of the dogs or people. We worked to get her more comfortable and less fearful. We played some crate and recall games to keep her moving near all the commotion. She is showing some resource guarding in her crate and on place. We worked to get her more confident around certain place cots and we will be working on building her threshold up. She was a bit picky with her food but eventually ate.


Pupdate 05/12/21

Dublin worked on a lot of her issues today. We covered her aversion to collars and being walked on a loose leash. She worked on her resource guarding of her crate and place objects around new dogs. She got to do some confidence building with some scent tubes and walking on the treadmill. Later we did some body handling and worked on her being more comfortable with others touching her and putting collars on an off. She's been doing well with going potty on walks but she still pees when she's scared of new things. We worked on adding cardboard to her place repertoire along with some benches at the park.


Pupdate 05/13/21

We went out to work with other dogs and get used to other people working with her. She met some new dogs and a bunny. We did some walking around the neighborhood to get her use to walking nicely on the leash. She is still fighting the leash but is slowly improving. We worked on her recall and puppy push-ups. We also worked on her door manners. She ate all her food, she is a very good eater. We worked on feeding her around other dogs to work on her resource guarding. She is still very fearful of new things but getting tired helps calm her nerves.


Pupdate 05/14/21

Dublin is slowly coming around. She sees me as her leader now, so her leash skills are improving. She is also working on socialization now that she knows she can trust what I ask of her. She is a solid eater. We worked on recall with distraction and without and she is happily coming now that she values what I say. We also worked on door manners and letting other dogs go by. She met my friend and her dog Winter and we went to the park.


Pupdate 05/15/21

Dublin is coming along, slowly but surely. She is realizing it's ok for someone else to take the reigns. She really struggles with being told what to do when she does not want to do it. While walking especially, since she is not a fan of walking on a collar. But we have been making progress, her tantrums get shorter every day and she is starting to enjoy walking and being rewarded. Her food drive has significantly aided our progress and getting her through many of her fears that we have come across out and about. Keeping her moving forward and getting her lots of exercise is key to her not being as reactive towards other dogs and people. She still tries to resource guard but is beginning to understand that is not necessary with management. Today she did really well while on place ( an object she tries to guard) a dog passed by and she began growling, I redirected her attention and asked her to place again so she was aware she needed to relax on place. She completely moved her body away from the other dog and took a deep breath while she plopped down to relax.


Pupdate 05/16/21

Dublin worked on some fears today but also made some progress dropping the leash around lots of distractions. She has come a long way walking better on the leash. She still has her moments where she will dart out in fear or cowards but she is building her confidence around as many new things as possible. She is a solid eater.


Pupdate 05/17/21

Dublin went to an outdoor mall to work around more distractions and work on her heeling. She worked on her fear of things on wheels and other people approaching her. We also worked on her food and crate manners. She is improving on the leash, she is resisting less and less with lots of exercise and leadership. She does very much enjoy place and we are building her duration. She is eating more food to compensate for the amount of walking we are doing.


Pupdate 05/18/21

Dublin is coming out of her shell and beginning to act like a normal puppy! She is becoming curious around new people and other dogs. She is beginning to enjoy walking on a leash. She still has her moments where she will get scared of something and crawl or lay down flat on the ground. She is becoming less vocal and is running towards me instead of running away from what she is afraid of. She still sometimes snaps at certain people or dogs but it is less frequent and must be with specific unknown triggers. She is working on trusting that there isn't anything to be afraid of and so she is beginning to bounce back and follow me or look to me for guidance instead of trying to run and hide from what startled her. She is making some doggy friends that are helping to build her confidence out and about in public because they get to walk in a pack setting where she can see and feel that they are having a good time. Which is influencing her to see things through a new perspective. She ate a lot more today which is why she probably didn't finish all her food.


Pupdate 05/19/21

Dublin went to another outdoor mall to work with another trainer and their dogs. She worked on her loose leash walking. She also worked on building her confidence while walking around. She worked on her duration today holding duration place with other dogs and duration down while I ate lunch. She is eating like a champ and is making some new friends.


Pupdate 05/20/21

Dublin went to another outdoor mall to work with more trainers and their dogs. She loved meeting new friends and walking with them. We worked on dropping the leash and working around distractions. She is still eating really well and working on her fear of the outside world. At home, she relaxed and later was let loose in my den where she laid on our big dog bed with her puppy toy and chews.


Pupdate 05/21/21

Dublin had a relaxing day near home. We went for a walk in the neighborhood. She worked on loose leash walking with and with out dragging the leash. We also played with another dog, her new friend. She is eating really good and likes playing with her toys .


Pupdate 05/22/21

Dublin went to a park today to work on her loose leash walking and socializing with other people. She met some kids who were very patient with her. They waited for her to go up to them to say hi. She worked on duration place and recall. She also worked on her fear of runners passing by. She ate all her food and she got lots of massages for going out of her comfort zone.


Pupdate 05/23/21

Dublin spent her last day working at the park and socializing with some new friends. She is all packed and ready to go. She had fun getting to play with some dogs as they helped build her confidence. She worked on heeling while dragging the leash and working around distractions. She ate all her food and said her goodbyes to her new friends.


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