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Dolce | Cane Corse | Brea, CA | In-Training

Meet Dolce, a 6 month old Cane Corso coming from Brea CA, Dolce is here for our 2 Week Board and Train Program. She comes to us with very little basic obedience but has trouble keeping that obedience structured and she pulls on the leash. Dolce also play bites and does not come when called. For her age this is typical puppy behavior which can improve with time and patience. Over the next two weeks Dolce will have a more structured obedience and manners, check out her progress!


Pupate 8/14/22

Dolce spent the day getting to know her handler at a local park close to his house. She adjusted right in greeting his family and walking throughout the living room and backyard getting in the new smells. After spending 20 minutes observing the new house Dolce put herself into a down and rested in the living room being the puppy that she is. Dolce also got to meet Hunter, Cristian's personal dog who were already getting used to each other upon arrival, they played most of the day.


Pupate 8/15/22

Dolce went to a park in Downey today for her 1st training session with Cristian. She worked with Cristian around the other Dog Trainers who were there and Dolce made it noticeable that she is easily distracted but will listen to words she knows. In the beginning she didn't want to listen but after a couple of repetitions she was able to progress and watch her surroundings calmer than she was in the beginning.


Pupate 8/16/22

Dolce spent the day getting early exercise in the morning, going on a walk with her handler's personal dog. Dolce practiced her basic obedience that morning then rested for part of the day. Later on when she woke up she went for a walk by herself with her handler to practice leash manners, she did good not pulling as much. She will start to stay by her handlers side but will start to try to lead which is typical for a puppy at her age. Dolce spent time after practicing her door manners then had her play time with Hunter, Cristians personal Dog. Dolce did scratch herself playing, she acquired this while playing as dogs play with their mouths and paws. Cristian attended to her scratch on the left side of her face, cleaning it and giving it Neosporin which healed up right away.


Pupate 8/17/22

Dolce went to a park in La Habra today for some basic obedience training and leash manners. Dolce worked on her extended sit, downs, come to sit, and off commands around the other dogs with their trainers as well. Dolce does really well now listening, not always trying to pull on leash after being asked into a sit or down. She only barks for noises she's unaware of or if someone is walking slowly towards her, but with the help of her handler she was redirected to listen for better obedience manners.


Pupate 8/18/22

Dolce spent the day working on her house training , playing with Cristians personal dog, and even going with Cristian to his sibling's school to pick him up. Dolce did really well at the school with the amount of people who go to pick up their kids, she showed no signs of fear being there. Dolce focused on her door manners later on to test her patience being at home. She did really well making this practice easy as it should be.


Pupate 8/19/22

Dolce went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach CA today for some group training. Dolce did really well being around the other trainers again with their dogs. Dolce even had some guests who wanted to greet her, with the permission of her handler they were allowed to greet Dolce. She worked on all her basic obedience commands and leash manners throughout her visit at the Shopping Center. Dolce has not been eating her kibble also lately, as long as it's mixed with chicken she's fine to eat but without it she won't even bother to eat.


Pupate 8/20/22

Dolce spent the day going to the Brea Dam Trails for some exercise, walking with Cristians personal dog. Later on, Dolce spent the morning practicing her come to sit which she isn't a fan of. This is the only command she doesn't enjoy practicing since she doesn't always have an idea what to do coming to the side of her handler. She did ok in the morning but later on that day she went for a second practice session which she did better in.


Pupdate 8/21/22

Dolce went on a walk at Hillcrest Park in Fullerton for some leash manners and obedience work. Dolce did really well with her place, down, and sit command when working in a public setting with Hunter today. There were a lot of people giving good compliments saying how well behaved the both of them were, especially Dolce since she's a puppy. She worked on her obedience before leaving the park, and later on that day before it got dark.


Pupdate 8/22/22

Dolce worked on her leash manners at a park in Downey today. She only had a few mistakes she made during this practice but eventually picked up the idea of staying besides her handler. After an hour of working on this she was picking it up really well besides minor smells from the grass that will pull her to the side but overall the experience was pretty good today.


Pupdate 8/23/22

Dolce worked on her food manners since she has been working with Cristian. She has already been trained for this so she is aware of what to do but in the beginning of the first week Dolce would bark and get up to go to the food with Cristian. Now since its the second week Dolce has shown really good improvement for this type of situation. Later on that day, Dolce went for a walk with Hunter around the neighborhood and shopping centers for training.


Pupdate 8/24/22

Dolce went to a park in Rowland Heights to practice her off leash walking. She does really well besides wanting to smell the grass but most of the time it was to use the restroom. She walked around the park several times off leash and through the other trainers working with their dogs. Dolce also took a trip to pick up Cristians brother from school again, she was placed into an extended down position while all the kids were leaving the school. She had no problem watching all the kids leave. Dolce worked on her obedience one more time later that day before it got dark.


Pupdate 8/25/22

Dolce spent the day working on her obedience and house manners. After playing with Cristian's personal dog Dolce worked on her car manners. She has never shown any trouble with the car or being in a car while moving since working with Cristian. Most mornings Dolce is getting in the car by leash but today's practice was off leash. She did really good besides wanting to smell outside of the crate in the car but she kept herself where she needed to be.


Pupdate 8/26/22

Dolce went for some training at Huntington Beach today. Dolce practiced her leash dragging and off leash walking on the beach walkway and shopping centers. She was complimented on how pretty and calm she is during the time she was out today.

She did really well for the majority of the time there, but there were moments Dolce did drift off away from her handler just to go in the shade.


Pupdate 8/27/22

Dolce took some time training at home working on her obedience off leash in the house. Cristian brought out a toy to focus on her leave it command, which is to not touch or interact with anything Dolce isn't supposed to. This can be enforced with anything in the house or even when guests come over. She did well listening and often retreats when asked to leave it.



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