• Katie Lapin

Dior | Goldendoodle | Claremont, CA | In-Training

Updated: 10 hours ago

Dior, a 7 month old Goldendoodle, is here with us for our two week board and train program. She is a very lovable and playful pup, but she tends to jump on family members and the counter tops. Dior loves exploring the outside with her nose straight to the ground. Dior pulls very hard on the leash while walking to the point where the the family's nanny hurt her shoulder. I am excited to see how well Dior does in just two weeks!

PUPDATE 9/14/2020

PUPDATE 9/15/2020

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PUPDATE 9/17/2020

Getting up on high places builds confidence

Dior had no problem going down the slide

PUPDATE 9/18/2020

Very regal pose there Dior

Fur blowing in the wind

PUPDATE 9/19/2020

Dior sitting while gardeners are in the background making loud noises. Still continuing to work on desensitization

Dior found a toy and was playing around

PUPDATE 9/20/2020

In a down command during breakfast time.

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PUPDATE 9/24/2020

Dior and other In-training dogs having dinner together! She was so well behaved!

PUPDATE 9/25/2020

PUPDATE 9/26/2020

Before getting a bath!