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Diesel | Cane Corso | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Meet Diesel! He is a 10 month old Cane Corso from Los Angeles, California here for our Three-Week Board and Train program! Diesel is sweet as can be once he gets to know you but at first he barks non stop. He also pulls on the leash, barks at other dogs and likes to knock grandma over inside the home . Over the next three weeks, Diesel will learn how to behave on leash, how to properly greet people and other dogs, and how to be the pup he can be! Diesel will be focusing on his on leash work instead of off leash due to his reactivity to new people. Stay tuned for Diesel's Three week transformation!


Pupdate 11/27/22

Today, Diesel and I headed off to a local park to see what he knows. He struggled to focus and wanted to pull me around. After that we headed back home to get him familiar with his new environment for the next few weeks! I also attached two seperate pictures below just noting the dryness of his ears and redness of his eyes. Today we focused on bonding and tomorrow we will get started with his training.


Pupdate 11/28/22

Diesel and I started training in the backyard and in front of the house today. We had a couple people walk by and he barked up a storm. Today we started teaching his "Come" command. When I ask him to come to me he needs to come all the way into my space and sit on my left side. We also started working on some loose leash walking along with him holding his sit command. He did have an accident last night in the crate but hoping he will adjust to not being outside in a run. He is settling in nicely and is a quick learner!


Pupdate 11/29/22

Diesel and I headed off to a couple different local parks and worked on his place command. Place is any elevated object with a defined boundary. He did well getting onto new things but struggled holding that sit command. He did have another accident in the middle of the night in his crate and another one in the morning. I also noticed when he pees there is a lot of stop and go. It could possibly be a UTI but He has been drinking a lot of water so I will monitor and keep you updated If it does not improve.


Pupdate 11/30/22

Diesel and I headed off to meet up with some other trainers and dogs today. He did well around the other dogs but did bark at a couple people when we first got to the park. Once he got warmed up he did well until a jogger ran past us and he lunged towards the jogger. He is making great progress but at times he is timid of people out in public which causes the barking or lunge. We will continue getting him out and around as many people and working on that socialization. He also did have another accident in his crate last night but his pee was normal today.


Pupdate 12/01/22

Today Diesel and I headed off to Pasadena to meet up with some other trainers and work around some distractions. He is understanding his commands well but at times his timid tendencies show and he gives a low growl or bark when new people come into his space. We will continue working on his socialization and showing him that all these people around him are not going to go away just because he barks.


Pupdate 12/02/22

 Diesel and I headed off to a couple different parks. He was not loving the rain but pushed through it and enjoyed when it let up. Today we focused on adding more duration to all his commands. He did great holding his sit command but his down is still a work in progress. He has a tendency to want to jump up from that position and at times he still gets over-excited and breaks but just needs a reminder or two. We were able to walk past a couple people with no growling or barking but he did lunge at a bicycle rider that came up behind us quickly. He had no accidents last night but did cry around 4 A.M. to be let out due to him having to pee.


Pupdate 12/03/22

Diesel and I headed off to look for some distractions today to work on him holding his positions around them. We found a field with some kids playing soccer. He did well around the distractions but wanted to chase the ball at first when it was kicked near him. After some repetitions he got into the swing of things. He did grow at the first person he saw when he came out of the van but then did not pay any mind to any one else. He also had no accidents last night which is great!


Pupdate 12/04/22

Diesel and I started off some training in home today due to the heavy rain but once it lightened up we headed off to a local park. He was a bit distracted at first wanting to smell new things but after a few minutes he got rocking and rolling. He is so playful and at times still doesn’t know how big he is! He did growl at a group of joggers that came by but did not break his “heel” command. He also did have an accident in his crate this morning after being let out in the middle of the night. 


Pupdate 12/05/22

Diesel and I worked on his door manners and then headed off to a busy local park to work around some distractions. The door is something we have been working on and he is understanding that until I release him he needs to hangout and hold that sit. At times he does get wiggly and like to break that command but just needs a reminder or two that he needs to hold that position. At the park today Diesel, was timid when we first arrived. We worked along the outside for about 10 minutes and once he got comfortable we started moving through the crowds. Someone with loud boots startled him and he struggled to get back into that heel position. We still have plenty of time together so I didn’t want to go to quick to fast with him so we will continue working on exposing him to large crowds as Diesel is ready.


Pupdate 12/06/22

Today Diesel and I headed off to the vet this morning to get an exam due to his excessive loose stools. He did really well and let all the female vet techs come up and give him some pets while he held a sit. He was much more timid around the men and gave out a low growl but did not lunge at anybody. After a couple minutes and some treats he warmed up. We then headed off to a couple local parks today and practiced him holding sits and downs from a distance along with his come command. We are headed off to Home Depot tonight! He is happy go lucky and still has plenty of energy and is drinking and eating normally.


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