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Dickie | Labradoodle | Fountain Valley, CA | In-Training

Welcoming in Dickie to our 3 Week board and train program. He is a 2 year old Labradoodle with some dog reactivity issues and needs to learn some basic obedience commands to help his owners control his behaviors. Follow along the next 3 weeks to watch him progress.


Pupdate 05/24/21

Off to a good start here! Today Dickie began learning the heel command. He is learning that he needs to pay attention to me and all of my pace changes and direction shifts. He was happy to get home eat his dinner and get to sleep after our final training session today.


Pupdate 05/25/21

Working on more heel today. This guy is improving but very sensitive to the collar so keeping it at low numbers works best for him.


Pupdate 05/26/21

Practicing his heel command around my dog Kylo today. They are getting along great and love to play. Using the collar to help make it clear for him when it's play time and when it's training time.


Pupdate 05/27/21

Teaching the place command today! Showing Dickie to get on the cott, sit and hold the command until being released with "break". Then he gets his reward of praise!


Pupdate 05/28/21

Working on the place command. Dickie is showing an improvement in confidence as he is jumping up to do the place command on raised objects like this chair.


Pupdate 05/29/21

Working on Dickie's loose leash heel skills today. We are practicing the heel command without using any leash pressure. Instead we use the collar to show him to slow down.


Pupdate 05/30/21

Working at the park on Dickies commands today. He did great around light distractions with low numbers on the collar. We worked a lot on his heel command especially. He is improving quickly.


Pupdate 05/31/21

Working that raised place command! Dickie is beginning to jump up without any leash pressure showing that improvement in confidence!


Pupdate 06/01/21

Out working on improving Dickies heel command by using these poles. The idea is that Dickie has to really focus on me as i am constantly changing directions. Still very sensitive to the collar so low numbers are needed.


Pupdate 06/02/21

Working more at the park today during the cooler hours in the morning and evening. Practicing his off leash heel and recall.


Pupdate 06/03/21

Off leash heel practice Friday! Dickie is doing well ignoring some distractions on our walk but the more practice the better! At low numbers on the collar we can keep him on task.


Pupdate 06/04/21

Sharpening up that heel command! Working off leash commands has been a focus now that we are getting deeper into training. Keeping training sessions on the shorter side as it's been hot outside. Working harder in the morning and evenings when it's cooler out.


Pupdate 06/05/21

Working on that down command! He can be a stubborn boy but will eventually complete the command. We are still working in building the duration once he is in that command.


Pupdate 06/06/21

Video of us practicing that down. He is slowly but surely learning he needs to hold that down command and wait to be released just like all the other commands. So much energy! It's difficult for this guy to sit still.


Pupdate 06/07/21

These two have been wrestling machines! They will play for hours if I let them. When they start to get a little rough, breaking them up for a short period of time let's them cool off and ease the rough housing up. Dickie is getting better at completing commands around other dogs.


Pupdate 06/08/21

Working on building Dickies stability around food. Making him hold commands and wait to hear his release command "break" before going to his favorite, string cheese.


Pupdate 06/09/21

Cooling out in the shade after a long off leash heel session. Dickie is doing good at holding his heel but still is distracted when walking by some things. Use of the collar at low levels is crucial to keep him focused.


Pupdate 06/10/21

Working the load up command! Dickie is practicing waiting patiently before being invited to jump into the car.


Pupdate 06/11/21

Loading up off leash! Another way to hold Dickies stability is having him sit and wait patiently before being loaded into the car.


Pupdate 06/12/21

Working at the mall today off leash. Dickie and I walked around distractions and he did a good job at ignoring them and focusing on his heel and place commands.

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