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Kovu | 11 month old | Border Collie | Long Beach, CA - In Training


Day of Drop off

Meet the newest edition to our off leash k-9 family Kovu. Kovu is an 11 month old boarder collie from Long Beach CA, and he is taking part in our two week board and train program, and I couldn’t be anymore excited. Kovu previously had training with a different trainer but plateaued with his training. He loves to pull on the leash, he likes to jump on people, he had a hard time walking at night especially when cars head lights are on. Not to worry these are all problems everyone has, and I have no doubt kovu will be able to power through. Stay tuned for Kovu’s progress.


Pupdate #1


Pupdate #2

Kovu taking a break on some grass while at the Hermosa Beach volleyball tournament.


Pupdate #3


Pupdate #4

Kovu is such a good boy anyone can work with him.


Pupdate #5


Pupdate #6

Kovu just sitting patiently at The Home




Pupdate #8

Kovu is a Hollywood star in the making.


pupdate #9


Pupdate #10

Kovu just spending some time on Main Street In Huntington Beach.


Pupdate #11


Pupdate #12


pupdate #13

Kovu aka Ying Yang, posing next to the boys in Blue.

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