• Chris Louie

Dax| 1 year old mini Aussie Mix| Rancho Palos Verde| In Training|

Day of Drop off

Dax will be attending our Three Week Board and Train program. He is here to perfect his basic obedience, and learn how to be a part of the pack. Dax is very intelligent, and is very driven. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen when we learn to harness that energy.

Pupdate #1

Pupdate #2

Prince Dax is ready to take the thrown. We are getting your Majesty ready for the royal life by placing him on different objects, to build his confidence.

Pupdate #3

Dax is learning how to heel to different people. It Is important to keep Dax on his toes, so this little smarty will be well rounded. We are building on his strengths, to help boost his confidence.

Pupdate #4

Pupdate #5

Just a little PLACE we like to hangout Downtown Disney.

Pupdate #6

Pupdate #7

Dax posing like a statue.

Pupdate #8

Pupdate #9

Good boy patiently waiting his turn to cross.

Pupdate #10

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers.

Pupdate #11

Pupdate #12

Dax just swinging life away.

Pupdate #13

Pupdate #14

Pupdate #15

Dax locked on, waiting for his next command

Pupdate #16

Pupdate #17

Dax loves working for anyone.

Pupdate #18

Pupdate #19

Dax holding my place in line at the Home Depot.