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Dash | 18 months old | Dachshund | LA, California | In Training

Update #6

This here is his sister, Violet. She‘s also has been going through the board and train program with him. What I’m doing is training them both to comply to the commands together without having any issues with fighting over space. When together, they sometimes play to rough. They are now both doing great!


Update #5

Catching a cool break after having such a great training session together. Super proud of these two! Work together, play together, and sleep together without any issues!


Update #4

This pup has some hops! Wanted to see if he would have the courage to try to jump up if I gave him

the command “Place”. He surpassed my expectations on that skill. He quickly jumped up and made it happen. Super proud of you buddy!


Update #3

Finding different objects to “Place” on are the key to building confidence. No matter the texture or stability, he got onto it so easily!


Update #2

Here is doing “Place” that gets him to be confidence to sit on any object that I point out. The obedient side to this command is for him to remain on the object until told another command. So far he’s doing great!!


Update #1

Dash is a great high energy pup that has joined our 2 week board and train. He’s here to learn our commands and to be more obedient. His owners concerns are that he doesn’t listen well, especially when playing. He tends to play aggresive with his sister. Stay Tuned for the next two weeks to see his progress!


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