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Dapper | America Bulldog | Fontana, CA| In Training

Say Hello to Dapper, the 11-month-old American Bulldog from Fontana! He is joining us for our 2-Week Board and Train. He's a very sweet, friendly boy, who does not know his own strength! Watch him as he learns how to walk nicely on and off-leash, and not jump on people when he wants to say hi!


Pupdate 08/15/21

Dapper spent his first evening getting to know his new surroundings and going for a walk. He was introduced to my treadmill and one of my dogs through the window. He liked that! We struggled to get him on the two new surfaces, the vet scale, and the treadmill. He eventually decided it was worth a look wanting to go on and was successful but he definitely knows he is much bigger and can use his weight to say no! We will be working on that! We will also be working on his photo skills since he is very wiggly with his happy tail and point wanting to listen for snacks.


Pupdate 08/16/21

Dapper went to the park today for his e collar introduction! There we encountered some not friendly little dogs. Dapper impressed their owners with his lack of reaction as they apologized and grabbed their dog! He did try to pull and whined a bit but he sat and didn't care they were growling and barking at him! We learned his working level and worked on recall and sit! He was slow but complied. On our walks, he worked on walking on the 15ft leash and is learning to check-in and not to pull. In the evening he worked on down and place while we watched Maid of Honor!!! He is not a fan of place especially if it's a weird texture but he did better with down by the fan! He eats his food he just eats so messy that a lot of his food comes out of the bowl and he either steps on it and won't eat it or it gets all over the floor and I feel like that's why he didn't eat all of his food. In the morning he got distracted by watching the other dogs playing outside and his food got dry so he didn't want to eat it. But in the evening he ate more but it got Everywhere. He tries to clean up after himself as best as he can. I'll be trying other ways to feed him. He likes to be hand-fed when he's not distracted.


Pupdate 08/17/21

Dapper had an exciting day! He learned how to walk in shoes! He was very confused but got the hang of it! We went for a long walk to work on his recall and loose leash walking, so we wanted his feet protected! He also worked on downing in different locations. We are still working on him placing on different objects and getting him comfortable to place on objects that are smaller than he is. As he gets comfortable he gets on faster. It's still a work in progress. He still struggles to eat his food mess-free. I'm going to try some food puzzles to see if that helps contain the mess and get the most amount of food to him instead of everywhere else.


Pupdate 08/18/21

Dapper spent the day working on loose leash walking and checking in. He went to an outdoor mall to work on his duration down and sit with distractions before the rain came! We also worked on door manners both going and coming. He is getting much better at the place, now we just need to keep working on the break command so he knows he can get off! He ate most of his food today he likes it when you sit with him when he eats, he still gets food out of the bowl but progress is progress.


Pupdate 08/19/21

Dapper spent the day working on door manners and adding duration to place! He watched other cars and people walk by. He also worked around my family eating, which was harder for him. He worked on his loose leash walking at a park and got to see a lot of kids running around! He got to work on his greetings skills, which still need some work, he gets so excited. He ate all his dinner but didn't finish all his breakfast.


Pupdate 08/20/21

Dapper spent the day out working at the park and out in our front yard. He worked on dragging the leash and duration place. He also worked on door manners while we came in and out. He's getting better at his loose leash walking but still tries to pull to say hi. He worked on politely going up to say hi and staying in a sit to meet some little girls today. He was very sweet and did not eat the snacks they were holding at his face level. He spent the evening working on place to the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting!


Pupdate 08/21/21

Dapper had an exciting day today at the park. He got to meet lots of new people and dogs breeds! He tries to put his nose and paw through the crate holes and got an owie on his nose so I put some cream on it so it heals fast. He worked on dropping the leash today and working on his commands off-leash! He got to play with lots of other dogs and meet my dog, Elvis! He worked on dragging the leash while working on his commands especially recall and door manners! He worked around water in a kiddie pole and liked it!


Pupdate 08/22/21

Dapper had a long day today. Working at the petstore around distractions! He is getting better at not jumping but now we need to work on him not breaking his sit either. He got to go for a walk with a short leash today. He's a bit slower, tries to be stubborn and still sniff things but he follows for the most part. We will be working on getting him to be faster and have a tighter heel off leash. He also worked on his door manners. He's getting really good at that! He's doing a lot of walking so we will be increasing his food more.


Pupdate 08/23/21

Dapper went to a new park to work off-leash. We worked on adding more distractions and work on adding duration to his sedentary commands. He worked around traffic, other dogs, people, wheeled objects and birds! He was more distracted by my family than the strangers walking by. He's eating more now and we are giving him more food to compensate for all the extra walking. He prefers to mozy along rather than speeding up so we've been building his stamina for his heel walking. He prefers the sedentary commands. He's so funny!


Pupdate 08/24/21

Dapper spent the day working on distractions. We went to home depot and another pet store to continue working on polite greetings and heeling off-leash around lots of distractions. He was stubborn but is understanding. He worked on moving place objects today, he was very brave but was happy to get off. He worked on his duration skills while people were pushing carts and walking by with dogs or using fork lifts! The hardest part for him is not getting to say hi to everyone. He was not happy about that and would try to heel backwards so he could say hi! It was very entertaining to watch but we wanted to keep working him through that so he wouldn't do that. The employees thought he was so funny and cute with his happy tail and drool! He is getting quite excellent at door manners and spent the evening working on duration place to the Pixar movie Luca!


Pupdate 08/25/21

Dapper spent the day working on his off-leash skills and manners. He worked on polite greetings and staying in a sit when people are petting him. He's finally not jumping but we are still working on him staying in a sit or down. He worked on heeling around the neighborhood, we came across some dogs who were lunging rudely at us and Dapper embarrassed the owners with his awesome auto sit! It was a proud moment. He showed those little dogs how it's done! We worked on his duration down and sit during the movie Sweet Girl! Later he got to enjoy some "fun" place on the couch with us. He decided to bring himself a blanket and get cozy!


Pupdate 08/26/21

Dapper spent the day working on his speed changes while heeling. He gets tired fast but he tries to keep up. We worked on crossing streets off leash and auto sitting at the lights. We worked on adding distance and duration to his downs and sits. He doesn't like to heel on grass so we worked on that as well. He spent the evening working on food manners and duration down while I worked on the computer.


Pupdate 08/27/21

Dapper spent the day out and about working on his off leash heel around crowds of people and new and exciting objects. He worked on all of his commands and got to greet lots of people. Definitely his weakness. Everyone thought he was such a smart handsome boy and he loved it. I did notice after our excursions he came home with some type of owy on his arm and one of his ears had lots of gunk in it and is a little red where the other ear isn't gunky or red. I'm keeping an eye on it and trying to keep it clean. He's still getting medicine on his nose owy and I put some on his arm. I'm not sure where he could have gotten these owies so we are going to monitor and go back to using shoes outside if it's allergy related. He did seem to scratch more when he was at the park than at a store. So we will keep an eye out and try to avoid those areas. He's about to run out of kibble so he will be getting more wet food especially with all the extra walking we are doing. He spent the evening relaxing after a hard day's work while we ate dinner and watched an episode of The Flash.


Pupdate 08/28/21

Dapper spent his last day getting lots of attention and being my dog distractions at the park. He enjoyed all the pets and love. He got to work on polite greetings and holding a down while other dogs ran around. He spent the evening relaxing and working on food manners while we watched The Paper Tigers. He's all packed and excited to show everyone what he learned!



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