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Doberman Pinscher - Dog Training | Dante | Sun Valley, CA

Dante, a Doberman Pinscher from Sun Valley, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 1 Week Board & Train dog training program. Dante was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid in Santa Ana, CA.

Say Hello to Dante, the Doberman, from Sun Valley! He is a goofy puppy who is joining us for our 1 Week Board and Train to learn some manners on leash. He is sweet and friendly but does not know his size when it comes to greetings and jumping. He loves walking and saying hi to everything which leads to lots of dragging his family around. When he can't go say hi to other dogs he resorts to barking. I can’t wait to see what he learns in the next week!


Pupdate 01/16/21

Dante is getting used to his new surroundings. He did not want to eat his dinner or treats but that is very normal for first-day jitters. He went for a walk to work on his loose leash walking skills and introduce him to the e collar. He also worked on his auto sits.


Pupdate 01/17/21

Dante learned the rest of the commands today. We worked on his come to sit and incorporate it in our walks. He also learned place and down. He worked on learning heel and loose leash walking. He did not eat breakfast but he did eat dinner.


Pupdate 01/18/21

Dante went for a hike today with another dog! He worked on heeling with distractions and adding objects to his place command. He met Gio the king Charles spaniel. He didn't finish his breakfast but ate all his dinner. He also began working on his door manners and food manners.


Pupdate 01/19/21

Dante went to the park today and meet some new dogs! We worked with another trainer and he got to use them to practice all his commands! He worked on puppy push-ups and food manners. He ended the night on place while I watched The Princess Diaries!!


Pupdate 1/20/21

Dante had a fun day today! He went to a new park and worked on his food and crate manners. He also worked on door manners. He got to play fetch and work on dropping the toy when told. He worked on place to place and duration down. He worked on place while I watched 2 episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He ate all his breakfast but only ate half of his dinner. Due to the amount of walking, I added extra food to each meal to make up for him not finishing his food but also his extra walking.


Pupdate 1/21/21

Dante worked around the house for most of the day, improving his manners. He worked on his door manners and food manners. Then we went to the park to work around other dogs and staying focused. We also worked on place to place and adding distractions to his down. He finished the night on place while I ate dinner.


Pupdate 01/22/21

Dante had an exciting day working at an outdoor mall. He worked around other dogs and kids running around barking at him! Dante met my dog and we went for a walk together. He also met my Uncle and worked on not jumping. After a long day of work Dante got to play some tug of war. He's all packed and is relaxing with his toys on place while we watch What a Girl Wants!



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