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Cosmo | Bernese Mountain Dog | Altadena, CA | In-Training

Cosmo, an eight month old Bernese Mountain Dog, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Cosmo is a very sweet and loving gentle giant. He comes to us with typical puppy behavior: easily distracted, little knowledge of commands, mouthy, jumps to greet, and barks for attention. Over the next two weeks Cosmo will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 11/21/2021

Cosmo has settled in well at my home. He is enjoying all his new doggie friends!


Pupdate 11/22/2021

Today Cosmo and I went to the park to start his first day of training. I introduced and conditioned him to the ecollar. We practiced commands: Sit, Place, and Heel. Heel is still a work in progress, but Cosmo walking along side of me with less pulling. Place is a command where Cosmo must sit or lay on a defined object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching him to be calm and relaxed. Cosmo had a great first day of training. He loved spending time at the park with his best friend, Queenie.


Pupdate 11/23/2021

Today I took Cosmo to the Irvine Spectrum to work on his obedience and to see how he would do around distractions. I’m not surprised, considering it is only day two of training, that he was a bit distracted with all the people and dogs there. After we walked around, Cosmo was able to focus and follow his commands. He definitely attracted a lot of attention to himself. Everyone wanted to pet him.


Pupdate 11/24/2021

Today Cosmo and I spent the day down in Huntington Beach. Cosmo did a great job! He was very focused and followed all his commands. He did extremely well with the heel command, staying right at my side and ignoring all the distractions around us. Today we worked on a new command, Down. Depending if he’s tired or not, Cosmo either puts up a struggle or lays down willingly. Great job for his third day of training! He will definitely be sleeping good tonight!


Pupdate 11/25/2021

Today Cosmo and I worked on his obedience commands at home. We practiced Place, Come to Sit and Down. Cosmo celebrated Thanksgiving and my family. He was a little excited when my family members came over. He tried to jump up to greet everyone, but once I corrected him he sat politely and let everyone live on him. Cosmo enjoyed a little piece of turkey dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!


Pupdate 11/26/2021

Today Cosmo and I worked on his commands around the neighborhood. Cosmo is doing a great job with his training. We are almost ready to start working off leash!


Pupdate 11/27/2021

Cosmo worked semi off leash! Today we went to the park to work on his obedience. I dropped the leash and let him drag around it around while we practiced his commands.


Pupdate 11/28/2021

Today Cosmo and I went to Lowe’s to work on his off leash obedience around distractions. Comso did a great job being fully off leash! He even got a few compliments on how well behaved he is.


Pupdate 11/29/2021

Today Cosmo joined me in a shopping spree at The Block at Orange. Cosmo worked on his off leash commands while we shopped. He did a great job until he got tired. He threw a couple temper tantrums when he didn’t want to follow commands.


Pupdate 11/30/2021

Today Cosmo and I went to the park to work on his off leash obedience. We practiced all his commands and worked on his duration. He is doing such a great job with his training!


Pupdate 12/1/2021

Today Cosmo and I went to Los Cerritos Center to work on his off leash commands around distractions. He did a great job! He spent more time getting attention and being pet than having to work. Everyone stopped to us just to say hello to Cosmo and compliment how well behaved he is.


Pupdate 12/2/2021

Today Cosmo and his buddy, Teddi, went to The Block at Orange to work on their obedience. He was very well behaved and stayed focused. Cosmo got to make a few new doggie friends. Of course, he made plenty of new human friends! Everybody wanted to stop and say hello to Cosmo. He was very polite and sat patiently to be pet.


Pupdate 12/3/2021

Today Cosmo and I went to Huntington Beach to work on his off leash obedience. He did such an awesome job today! He was focused the entire time and followed all his commands.


Pupdate 12/4/2021

Cosmo had an easy training day. We practiced his commands at home. We worked on his door manners, food manners, and car loading. Cosmo got to spend the rest of the day playing and socializing with his friends before he leaves tomorrow. Cosmo can’t wait to go home and show you everything he has learned!

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