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Copley | Labradoodle | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Copley, the labradoodle, is joining us for our Two Week Board and Train. She is a calm, sweet girl, who loves everyone, but is a little shy around new dogs. She loves greeting new people but needs to work on not jumping. She is a pretty smart girl who knows her basic commands, but only when she wants to do them. Watch how much she learns in the next two weeks!

Copley spent her first day getting to know her new living arrangements and explore the yard. We went on a walk where she met a prey-mantis and saw the neighborhood. She was picky with her dinner not eating much but that is very normal. She made her self comfortable in front of the fan next to everyone and quickly warmed up to the family.


Pupdate 08/24/20

Copley had her first formal lesson today. After our morning walk we learned Come, Sit, ,and Break. She quickly became fond of the break word. Copley is still being picky with her food and not eating. We tried some new tactics to get her to eat and I'm hoping tomorrow brings better news. On better terms she slept through the night, and she has a very amusing attachment to water. Its very cute to see how excited she gets about water the way you normally expect a dog would get excited about food! She tolerates her hair being brushed but I found it to be quite relaxing.


Pupdate 08/25/20

Copley had an exciting day today! We went to 2 different parks and met some new dogs! She made some friends with Remy the lab, Winter the poodle and Nellie the poodle. She also finished 1 cup of food, progress!


Pupdate 08/26/20

Copley met a 9 year old boy today, my nephew came over, to be a distraction. She was a little unsure at first but warmed up to him in no time. She is slowly eating all her food. Little by little we are learning what she likes to eat.


Pupdate 08/27/20

We are finally making some progress with Copley's eating! She is approving the 3 meals a day with different toppings, and she gained back an ounce! We spent the day working on all our commands and adding duration to sit, down, and place.


Pupdate 08/28/20


Copley is dragging her leash now and working on all commands around distraction and increasing her duration! She went to the park to work on her heel. Still picky with food but we are managing.


Pupdate 08/29/20

Copley worked on all her commands with dog distractions and the leash dragging. She is still picky with food but she gained weight.


Pupdate 08/30/20

Copley started off the morning right by eating all her food and vitamin. We went to a new park today and worked on our heel with the leash dragging around a dog park as well as her puppy push ups and place.


Pupdate 08/31/20

Copley met some new dogs today. She went to a meet up with Stitch. Everyone worked on their heeling. We worked on her left turns during heeling and increasing our distance and duration along with door and crate manners.


Pupdate 09/01/20

Copley went to some new parks to work on her training with another dog! We worked on her place and down command, along with the weave poles and distraction training. Copley made a new friend named Kopol, the Australian Labradoodle.


Pupdate 09/02/20

Copley had a day filled with new parks and dogs! She is eating regularly now and working on her final touches! She got to train with dogs in the morning and build her confidence meeting a new dog this evening. Her new friend, Sergeant'O, the German Shepard!


Pupdate 09/03/20

Copley went to another new park and worked on her off leash, place to place. She worked with a dog named Stirling, an Australian shepherd. She is now eating her food regularly, back to twice a day, and is fully off leash! She ignored geese, other dogs and people walking by!


Pupdate 09/04/20

Copley kicked butt today on our off leash walk! We got to work on adding distance and distraction today! She even ate some extra kibble! Getting that weight on her! We also got to practice our door manners while we let the cool breeze in!


Pupdate 09/05/20

Copley's send off! We drove to a park and did some off leash heeling and ended the day playing in the grass! Some of her friends came over to say their good byes. She also made a new friend, Whiskey Pete Jr.


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