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Labrador Retriever - Dog Training | Cooper | Brea, CA

Cooper, a Labrador from Brea, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Cooper was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid in Santa Ana, CA.

Everyone welcome Cooper! The Labrador Retriever from Brea. He's a silly boy with lots of energy and he's not afriand to use it! He loves running and jumping and being a puppy. Watch Cooper grow these nest two weeks!


Pupdate 02/14/21

Cooper spent his first day learning the commands and going to the park. he investigated the new environment and settled in nicely. He barks when no one is paying attention to him but we will be working on that. he ate a bit of his dinner but did not eat lunch. That's very normal for pups on their first day.


Pupdate 02/15/21

Cooper spent his first day officially being conditioned with the e collar and layering the first command come to sit. He also worked on door and crate manners. He worked around new dogs and bicycle distractions. He ended the evening with working on place while we watched the Night Shift.


Pupdate 02/16/21

Cooper had an interesting day today meeting my parrot. He was very curious and gentle. We worked on his door and food manners today. He is also a fan of the crate now. He goes in and expects his bone! He is very proud of himself when he does it throughout the day when he is not going on the crate! We later went to a nearby park and worked on loose leash walking. He is starting to pick up walking nice and slow with me rather than jumping. He is rather fond of dancing as well!


Pupdate 02/17/21

Cooper spent the day working on the down command, adding new place objects, and working on duration. He loves this command! He took a nap in place while I edited his video. He went to the park as well in order to work on his loose leash walking around distractions and new place objects! He is a picky eater and today he did not eat a whole lot even with cat food on it! I don’t think he was a fan of today's flavor.


Pupdate 02/18/21

Cooper had an exciting day meeting my nephew at the park. He got to work around another dog, Odin, and his tiny human. He worked on not jumping up to say hi and walking calmly next to new exciting distractions. He also worked on adding distance and new objects to his place command.


Pupdate 02/19/21

Cooper worked on heeling today! He really likes sniffing and saying hi so we are working on it. He also worked on his outdoor manners, like door manners and duration sit and place while I was doing some work out in the front. He really likes place and is very proud of himself when he finds his own strange place objects to make comfy. Since we did so much walking he got extra food and today he actually ate most of it. He met my dad and nephew and got to work on duration sit while they rode their bikes in my front yard.


Pupdate 02/20/21

Cooper had an exciting day today with my goddaughters! We went to the park and he worked on loose leash walking with them and going on interesting place objects and heeling around them while they were playing. He had lots of fun but we worked on not stealing their snacks or jumping on them when they run.


Pupdate 02/21/21

Cooper went for a walk to work on his heeling and distractions! He also worked on all his other commands at the park. He was picky today with his food but I've been feeding him extra to make up for the amount of walking we do. He spent the evening on place while I edited the video.


Pupdate 02/21/21

Cooper is working on his off-leash skills now. We are adding distractions little by little. He still gets really wiggly about putting his leash and collar on. He met my dog Stitch today and they walked together in a nice heel working on his commands with distractions. He sat on place while we ate dinner and he worked on his duration in the front yard while my dog runs around playing with his toy. He ate almost all his food but is almost out of cat food.


Pupdate 02/23/21

Cooper had an exciting day working with other dogs. After some work, he got to play and make new friends! He came home and took a nap then he went for another walk with my dog and worked on his recall and down. He is all out of cat food so he was picky today but ended up eating his food later.


Pupdate 02/24/21

Cooper had an exciting day at a new park! We went to work on our distractions off-leash! He saw lots of dogs, geese, turtles, and ducks! We worked on him heeling past distractions and holding place while distractions passed by. He did not have cat food today but he actually ate most of his food.


Pupdate 02/25/21

Cooper had a fun day working off-leash. He worked on being less wiggly with his duration commands and food manners. He also worked on being calm in the house and not jumping up on us while we were sitting on the couches or eating popcorn. He worked on his heel on our walks and staying in command while my dog was running around.


Pupdate 02/26/21

Cooper had a fun day with some new and old friends! We worked with some new trainers and worked on his off-leash skills! He worked on walking around the neighborhood off-leash and around other dogs and distractions. He was picky with his food until the evening when I gave him some of my dog's wet food pouch. He enjoyed the chicken and pumpkin one.


Pupdate 02/27/21

Cooper spent his last day living the life of an off-leash dog getting all the snuggles. He went with me to the park and we walked off-leash. He worked on duration place off-leash, with dog distractions. He met new dogs and got to show off his off-leash heel for them. He came home and worked on his crate, door, and food manners. Then he spent the evening hanging out getting all the love and goodbyes before he goes home. He is all packed and excited to start his new life!



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