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Cooper | Labradoodle Dog Training | San Pedro, CA

Cooper the Labradoodle​ from ​San Pedro, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Cooper was trained by ​dog trainer Amanda Lascari in La Habra Heights , CA​.

Cooper, 5 month old Labradoodle, has joined Offleash SoCal for our two week board and train program. She is a sweet and loving pup that is full of energy and always ready to play. She has come to Offleash to work on her puppy problems. She likes to jump to greet people, pull on leash, and has some separation anxiety. Over the two weeks Cooper will work on her obedience and puppy manners. Check back for Cooper’s amazing transformation!


Pupdate 12/16/2019

Cooper had a visit to the vets office this morning. Her ears seemed to be bothering her, so the veterinarian gave Cooper some medicine to help clear it up. After our trip to the vet, Cooper started practicing her come to sit command as well as the down command. Her buddy Pippi joined in and showed her how to down on the bed cot.


Pupdate 12/17/2019

Cooper went to the park today where we practiced her come to sit command. She also learned a new command today, which is the place command. This command teaches her to get up on different objects and sit. This is fun command that helps with confidence building. We practiced the place command on the park benches and bleachers.


Pupdate 12/18/2019


Pupdate 12/19/2019

Today Cooper and I went to the Citadel Outlets. We practiced the heel command and properly greeting people (not jumping). She tried her best to sit still while people greeted her, but she couldn’t resist jumping up to give kisses.


Pupdate 12/20/2019

Out at the park working on the heel command.


Pupdate 12/21/2019

Cooper practicing duration down while out at a restaurant. She did well with food refusal, not even wanting the french fry, next to her, on the floor.


Pupdate 12/22/2019

Cooper had a busy day today. First she went to the groomers to get a bath. After she went to the veterinary office to get a check up on her ears. The vet said they looked a lot better. Later on in the evening, she hosted a christmas party where she practiced her people greeting manners and place command while everyone petted her. Coopers favorite part of the night was running around with all the little kids.


Pupdate 12/23/2019

We went to Lowe’s to stay out of the rain. Cooper tried a new place object, a wobbly and unsteady cart.


Pupdate 12/24/2019

Christmas Eve brought in the sunshine. Cooper says thanks mom and dad for the Christmas eve present. We practiced the place command, distance down with her friend Bailey, and even tried walking off leash which she did pretty good for her first time but a work in progress. Also, she tried make friends with some chickens, but Groot the rooster didn’t want to be friendly.


Pupdate 12/25/2019

Merry Christmas! Thanks mom and dad for the Christmastoy.toy. Went for a evening walk around the neighborhood and practiced heeling off leash.


Pupdate 12/26/2019

Today we practiced loose leash walking through a busy mall.


Pupdate 12/27/2019

Cooper and I went to The Block of Orange to work on commands with high distractions. She did very well, especially with people greeting her. Cooper sat politely and enjoyed all the attention. A small child came up to her and instead of jumping, Cooper rolled on her back for a belly rub.

Pupdate 12/28/2019

Last day of training! Today we went to a park to practice all obedience commands. It all went well until Cooper decided she wanted to go play in a mud puddle.



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