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Cooper | Goldendoodle | Santa Monica, CA | In-Training

Meet Cooper! He is a one and a half year old goldendoodle from Santa Monica, CA. He is here with us for our One-Week On Leash Board and Train Program to work on his nipping, jumping, lack of focus, and his general obedience. His mom loves him absolute tons and he is one sweet and playful pup! I can not wait to see how much he is going to learn, so stay tuned for his 7 day transformation!


Pupdate 10/04/2020

Mister is all settled in! He is falling back into using the kennel nicely and is already claiming the backyard as his own! He gets barky here and there but ultimately settles down nicely. I can't wait to get to do his first lesson with him tomorrow!


Pupdate 10/05/2020

Cooper had an awesome first day! We worked on getting him used to the E-Collar and introduced his recall command and even made an instructional video about how to practice it!


Pupdate 10/06/2020

Big Cooper made a lot of progress today! He now has learned the basics of all of his commands: Place, Sit, Down, Heel, Break, Off and Come! We also did some more confidence building with the A frame, he is even going up the back way (no ladder rungs just the grass). It's his new favorite perch! He is eating well, sleeping well, and even going into the kennel almost of his own accord. Not bad for day 2!


Pupdate 10/07/2020

Cooper made a ton of progress in his primary lesson today! We worked on his Heel command in a park with a ton of children running around and dogs walking by. At first every giggle, bark, and leaf falling was enough to completely derail his attention from me but by the end he was Heeling right next to me with out a care in the world!


Pupdate 10/08/2020

Mister C worked at the duck park today! He did a bit of everything and is looking great! He is almost ready to start filming his final video. He is getting sharper everyday. His big wins today were not getting distracted by kids or ducks in his heel and doing a couple puppy push ups even with all the park distractions!


Pupdate 10./09/2020

Cooper is all ready to head home this weekend! We will finish filming all the final components for his final video tomorrow and then pack him up to show off for mom!


Pupdate 10/10/2020

We finished filming Coopers final video today and are all packed up to go home in the morning! We put up a sneak peak of his final video as his pupdate today and I couldn't be prouder of all the progress he has made in the last 7 days!


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