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Pit Bull - Dog Training | Conan | Carson, CA

Conan​ the ​Pit Bull​ from Carson, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Board & Train Program. Conan was trained by ​dog trainer Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA​.

Introducing our newest pack member, Conan. He is a very timid two year old boy who is here to gain some confidence and master fundamental commands. We're excited to watch him progress.


Pupdate 08/31/2020

Spending lots of time together just trying to warm up to eachother. We walked for a long time today building our bond while teaching Conan how not to pull on a leash. Still a very nervous nelly but warming up to me slowly.


Pupdate 09/01/2020


Pupdate 09/02/2020

Weighing in on the high end of 42 lbs today. Conan has been eating all of his food daily. He is always excited for his meals and is overall looking healthy and happy.


Pupdate 09/03/2020

Conan out practicing heel at a local school. Learning to match my pace and follow my direction changes while completing sharper U-turns. Conan is very curious and wants to stop and smell things so we use the E-Collar to pull him away from distractions as well as keep him from making too much distance.


Pupdate 09/04/2020

Putting the E-Collars flashlight function to use during our night walk.


Pupdate 09/05/2020

Beating this heat wave and knocking out most of our training indoors in the comfort of air conditioning. Conan stepping out of his kennel all on his own today next to his training buddy Riot.


Pupdate 09/06/2020

Place to place practice this evening. Waiting out this heat wave getting our training done in the morning and at night.


Pupdate 09/07/2020


Pupdate 09/08/2020

Out working with Kylo today. Conan is fine doing his commands along side a other dog. He just has to first fight off the urge to play with him!


Pupdate 09/09/2020

Weighing in at the high end of 43 today! Conan has gained a bit of weight and it looks good on him! This happy guy is always the first dog to finish his meal. He has gone from hiding and having to be convinced out of his kennel to being so excited to start training some mornings he can't contain himself.


Pupdate 09/10/2020

Practicing sitting and waiting calmly until hearing "Break" to go eat his meal. A simple exercise that is a subtle way to practice basic obedience and reward calmness daily.


Pupdate 09/11/2020

Practicing waiting to be released from his command and to be invited before exiting the front door. Good doggie manners!


Pupdate 09/12/2020

Practicing some of his off leash skills today. Was very nervous of a child going by on a scooter at first but after a few laps he began to ignore it a little more each time.


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