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Cody | Golden Retriever | Santa Monica, Ca | In - Training

Meet Cody! The 7 1/2 month old Golden Retriever from Santa Monica, CA! Cody is super friendly, loves to play, and very sweet! He joined Off Leash SoCal for the one week Board and Train Program to work on his leash pulling, playful nipping, and learning basic manners. Stay tuned for his 7 day progress!


Pupdate 12/12/21

Sweet boy Cody sure knows how to show his good side when the camera comes out! Today on our walk he did a lot of pulling and had some selective hearing going on. Definitely over the next few days of training he will be a lot more responsive! Check back tomorrow for Cody’s 1st Lesson!


Pupdate: 12/13/21

Cody was a good boy for his first night and did well for his first lesson! He’s definitely the collector type when going on walks but his pulling is already making progress. Cody seems to have some slight selective hearing going on but knows exactly who I’m talking to when the treats come out! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson!


Pupdate: 12/14/21

Cody sure knows how to brighten your day even it’s gloomy outside. He did a great job with his extended commands today and He wasn’t to sure why the sky was falling on his back. He made sure he handled all his business on all walks before heading back inside. Good boy Cody! Check back tomorrow for more pupdate progress!


Pupdate: 12/15/21

Cody did a great job on his commands and his eye contact today! This smart boy learns by the day and it shows! He received so many compliments on his behavior and being so adorable! Keep up the good work Cody! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!


Pupdat: 12/16/21

Cody is doing good on his commands pictures are a lot easier to capture! He is still working hard on holding his sit when greeting new people and he’s doing well on his food and door manners! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!


Pupdates: 12/17/21

Cody boy did good on his commands today! He is still working hard on holding his sit when greeting new people but he is starting to get the hang of it. With more exposure Cody will get it down!


Pupdate: 12/18/21

Cody did such a great job on his last day! He was such a happy boy during this training and has learned so much! He now is ready to show his family his new skills and can’t wait to show the world his new confidence! Great job Cody!


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