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Cody | Border Collie/Lab Mix | Los Angeles | In-Training

Cody, a 2 year old Border Collie/ Lab Mix, has joined Offleash Socal for our 2 week board and train program. Cody is a sweet boy who loves to play at the dog park. Some issues that his owners are having are that he is protective of them when people come over, has leash reactivity, he wants to chase after prey animals, and is dog friendly but aggressive towards the neighbors dog. Over the 2 weeks Cody will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 10/5/2020

Today I introduced and conditioned Cody to the ecollar. He did really well with it. I slowly introduced it to him by giving him treats when he felt the stimulation. After I got him use to the collar we practiced come and sit. Cody is doing great with his new doggie friends. He has shown a bit of his separation anxiety. If I step out of site, he becomes more concerned about finding me than being with the rest of the dogs.


Pupdate 10/6/2020

My apologies for not having this up yesterday for you. I was having an issue with the video uploading. I took Cody to the park to work on commands. We practiced more on come to sit. We also started working on his loose leash heel. Still a work in progress, but isn't pulling as much as before.


Pupdate 10/7/2020

Today Cody and I did training at home. We practiced more on come to sit and loose leash heel. Cody learned a new command today, Place. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching Cody to be calm and relaxed.


Pupdate 10/8/2020


Pupdate 10/9/2020

Today Cody and i went to the park to work on commands. We tried working off leash today. Cody did pretty good, but still gets a little distracted.


Pupdate 10/10/20


Pupdate 10/11/20


Pupdate 10/12/2020

Today Cody and I worked on his off leash obedience around the neighborhood. He is doing great, he has become completely off-leash now!


Pupdate 10/13/2020

Cody and his buddy, Finn, working on their off-leash heel. They joined me for my birthday on an evening hike. Cody did great off leash on the trail. He saw bunnies which he perked up and wanted to go chase. I would correct him and tell to leave it and he would continue to walk by them.


Pupdate 10/14/2020


Pupdate 10/15/2020


Pupdate 10/16/2020

Cody and his buddy, Finn, joining me on a shopping spree at The Block at Orange.


Pupdate 10/17/2020

Cody took a break from training today and just relaxed and had fun. I gave him a bath, which didn’t last more than a few minutes. There would have been a photo but when I grabbed my phone and turned back to take the picture he was already covered in dirt. He went for an evening walk with his buddy, Finn. Cody has done such a great job with his training! He can’t wait to go home and show you all he has learned.


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