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Coco | Newfoundland | Whittier, Ca | In-Training

Welcome, Coco, the 5-month-old Newfoundland, from Rosemead! She is here for our 2-week board and train. She is a sweet little girl who loves everyone; however, she is here for her jumping, pulling, and mouthiness. She is very loving towards her human siblings but is not a fan of sharing and is not afraid of letting you know. She loves relaxing and staying home. I cant wait to see all the progress she makes in two weeks!


Pupdate 01/31/21

Coco had an interesting day. She had a rough morning when she was not happy about leaving home but she quickly made herself at home and checked out her new environment. She worked on getting used to wearing the e collar and learning the new commands for treats. She ate all her food and was excited to get extra treats. She spent the evening on place while we watched Night Shift.


Pupdate 02/01/21

Coco went to the park today to have her first e collar lesson. She worked around dogs and people distractions! She learned come to sit and break. She also worked on place at home while I watched some YouTube videos. She ended the night meeting some puppies and eating all her food!


Pupdate 02/02/21

Coco spent the day working on her duration commands and a bit of recall. Her hip was acting up so we have been doing short sessions and keeping her hydrated. She's catching on to the potty command and is eating her food like a champ. She worked on adding distance to sit down and place. We also worked on her recall around distractions. She ended the evening on place while we watched Scott Pilgrim Versus The World.


Pupdate 02/03/21

Coco spent the day working on adding distractions to her stationary commands. She met my dog Stitch and his buddy Winter. She worked on ignoring them and ignoring my 9-year-old nephew running around playing. We kept walking to a minimum for her hip but she is eating well and drinking lots of water.


Pupdate 02/04/21

Coco went to the park in the morning to work on being gentle around kids and greet one of my nephews politely. She met their dog and they laid down and let the kids play while staying relaxed. I gave her the rest of the day to rest her hip and she relaxed at home while I did some work on the computer.


Pupdate 02/05/21

Coco had a relaxing day following me around the house. She found some chew toys that she chewed on while I was putting things away. She worked on socializing with the interesting things in my backyard, like my pet turtle. She was very intrigued and tried woofing to it. She spent the evening relaxing on the floor while we ate dinner.


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