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Coco | German Shepherd | Highland, CA | In-Training

Coco, a 2 year old German Shepherd, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Coco is a very sweet girl who comes to us with some bad habits: jumping, not following commands, being easily distracted, pulling her owners on walks, reactivity when seeing other dogs and distractions, and barking. Over the next two weeks Coco will be working on her off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see her progress!


Pupdate 6/13/2021

Today Coco and I stayed home for training. I introduced and conditioned Coco to the ecollar. Coco learned the Place command. Place is where she must sit or lay on a defined object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching Coco to be calm and relaxed.


Pupdate 6/14/2021

Today Coco and I stayed home for training. We practiced more of the place command. We also worked on a new command, come to sit. For come to sit, Coco must come around my right side and sit on my left. It's still a work in progress but she is catching on very quick.


Pupdate 6/15/2021

Today Coco and I went to the park to work on her commands. We practiced more of come to sit and place. We started working on the down command and heel command. She did very well today, she was a bit distracted at first. I can tell she is anxious in new surroundings. The only time she acted up is when she saw some children walking over to the playground. Coco barked a couple of times, but once I corrected her she stopped, relaxed, and watched the kids play. She is very smart and catches on fast to commands, i just need her to get over anxiousness and get her to focus on me. The more I get her exposed to new surroundings and distractions Coco will be come desensitized and learn to be calm and relaxed out in public.


Pupdate 6/16/2021


Pupdate 6/17/2021


Pupdate 6/18/2021

Today Coco and I worked on her commands around the neighborhood. Coco is almost ready to be off leash. I didn't hold the leash once. I let her drag it around while she followed my commands. There were a few dogs that passed by us during training, she noticed and observed them but didn't bark. She is doing a great job!



Sorry for the delay in post, I was having issues uploading to the link. Today Coco and I went to a busier park to work on her command around more distractions. I let her drag the leash while we practiced her commands. She did very well. We walked past other dogs and people without her reacting. She saw squirrels running around and she ignored them. I was able to put her in a down and sit and walk a good distance away from her without her getting up or breaking command.



Today Coco and I worked on her off leash obedience at home. I used her friends as a distraction. It was a little hard for her because she wanted to join in on their fun, but knew she had to follow and stay in command.


Pupdate 6/21/2021

Today Coco and I went The Citadel Outlets to work on her commands around high distractions. She was a little bit nervous, so we didn't work off leash, but I worked her through her it. Coco was able to relax, be calm, and focus on me with all the commotion going on around us. She did a good job, she didn't bark or react to any person or dog walking by.


Pupdate 6/22/2021

Coco working on her off leash obedience around the neighborhood.


Pupate 6/23/2021

Today Coco joined me on a s spree at The Block at Orange. Coco got to work on all her commands around high distractions. We met up with a few other trainers, so she was able to work around dog distractions as well. She did an awesome job today!


Pupdate 6/24/2021

Today coco and I worked on her obedience at home. Coco got to join the pack for meal time. During pack feeding all dogs must be calm and wait while I prepare the food. Each dog must sit and wait their turn until called to eat their food. Once they are done eating they are not allowed to go eat another dogs food. They must wait until everyone is done or walk away and give space. This teaches Coco boundaries and respect for me as well as the other pack members.


Pupdate 6/25/2021

Today Coco got to take the day off from training and spent her last day hanging out and playing with her doggie friends. She can't wait to go home and show you all she has learned!


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