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Chewie | Mini Golden Doodle | Los Angeles, Ca | In - Training

Meet Chewie! The Sweetest 7 month old Mini Golden Doodle from Los Angele, Ca. Chewie is super friendly, loves to meet new people, and enjoys attention! Chewie's here for our Two Week Board and Train Program to work on his leash pulling and proper greeting manners. Stay tuned for his Pawsome transformation over these next 14 days!


Pupdate: 10/3/21

Sweet Boy Chewie and I took the time to get to know each other at the park! We ran around In the field then ended with a nice walk. He has adapted quickly to his kennel space and was excited to meet his pup friend in training too, Otis! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pupdate his 1st lesson will be fun!


Pupdate: 10/4/21

Chewie did great for his first lesson today! He responded well after a few reps of his name recall. He tends to get a bit distracted but with time and effort he will become a lot sharper on his recall. He’s adjusted to his space and has become excited for play time. Tune in tomorrow for more pupdate progress.


Pupdate: 10/5/21

Chewie did a great job on his place command today. He enjoyed jumping on to higher objects that make him feel tall! He also did well not jumping with his getting manners. Chewie is picking up his training nicely and looks forward to our next adventure! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!


Pupdate: 10/6/21

Chewie is one happy dog! He is always ready for our next adventure and does great with his lessons! Today he did a great job with his heel command and had the confidence to hold his sit with lots of distractions around! Chewie has made a best friend out of Otis and enjoys working beside him. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


Pupdate: 10/7/21

Chewie did well with his duration down command at Starbucks. He has gotten a lot better to responding to his recall and enjoys the adventures! Chewie and Otis have become close friends and Chewie enjoys their play time!


Pupdate: 10/8/21

Chewie did well with his commands today! He still working hard on keeping his heel walks closer and tighter and does well with his recall if he pulls to far a head. He’s gotten better about eating and he enjoys his bedtime greenie at night! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


Pupdate: 10/9/21

Chewie is getting better on his walks by the day and is doing well with his greeting manners. He still gets a bit distracted from his commands in public places, but we are working harder and harder everyday and progress is being made! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pupdate!


Pupdate: 10/10/21

Chewie worked a lot on distance duration commands today. During our training he did a great job letting the leash drag behind while still working through commands! He is making great improvement and is enjoying everyday of training! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/11/21

Chewie did well with his duration commands today. He also did a good job on his heel command. He does a good job correcting himself and looking for the next direction. Chewie is getting better about his eating and he is using the restroom regularly. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 10/12/21

Chewie did a good job working off leash. He still gets really wiggly when loud objects roll by but is still working hard to hold his command. He is a very smart boy and is always happy about the next adventure!


Pupdate: 10/13/21

Chewie enjoyed his day today. He did a lot of heel work today to try and really close that gap in. He also did a well holding his command when loud objects rolled by. He is one happy boy and has gotten better about eating his meals! Stay tuned for tomorrows pupdate!


Pupdate: 10/14/21

Chewie was the best shopping partner today and received so many compliments on how well behaved he is! He did a good job working on his commands and did great greeting new people and holding his sit command! Great job Chewie!


Pupdate: 10/15/21

Chewie did a great job on his commands today and has gained so much confidence! Fun friday was a success and he definitely enjoyed his day out in the city! Stay tuned for his last day!


Pupdate: 10/16/21

Chewie had so much fun his last day! He did great with his greeting manners and was confident with the commands given! He has gained so much knowledge and cant wait to show his family his new skills! Great job Chewie! Be on the look out for his final video!



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