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Charlie | Golden Retriever | Riverside | In-Training

Meet Charlie! Charlie is a 7 month old Golden Retriever from Riverside, CA who has joined us for our 1 Week Board & Train program. Charlie has trained before but needs help with couch surfing, jumping on people, and a touch up on improving her obedience commands she knows. Charlie is sweet but is still young going through each stage of puppy phases. Charlie is a confident puppy but has every intention to act how she pleases still so with my help as her trainer I will help improve these habits she has to help her become intelligent and more well mannered! Check out her progress over the next week!


Pupdate 11/14/2023

Today I got to meet Charlie again after some time of her being away. Charlie has been needing help again with training so immediately started to work with her when picking her up. We went to the Anaheim pet & feed store since it's pet friendly and upon arriving Charlie had her intention to pull and lead. When starting off with the e-collar she slowly started to realize how the collar works and I was able to have her perform her obedience better. After some time of using it throughout the visit at the store we were able to perform an extended sit and extended down with ease and not much issues. When passing by people Charlie would try to smell specific people only rather than everyone. Each time she did this, I would ask for her off obedience command which helped her follow through. I was able to reward her each time she was able to do better and work throughout the store as we stayed until we left.

Once arriving home she settled in as last time and met her old friend Hunter who is my personal dog. Check out her progress throughout this week as I help educate Charlie!


Pupdate 11/15/2023

This morning I took Charlie for a walk around the neighborhood and when she went potty it was on pavement rather than grass. Charlie tried to lead during the walk but I took the time to practice heeling with left and right turns to help lead Charlie on my left hand side. After some time she started to give me a better pace and we made our way back home. Charlie had some playtime with Hunter before starting some home training and conditioning of all of her obedience commands.

In the video above is our practice of door manners. We have been working on this since yesterday and have been able to progress with the use of the e-collar. Charlie had every intention to storm out any door she passed but since we have been practicing since yesterday Charlie seems to have picked up already showing more confidence when waiting. I'm able to leave her sight entirely until she's given her break. We followed up with touching up her other commands to improve any imperfections. Something noticeable is that Charlie likes to take a step back when being asked to sit and when practicing her recall she will also take a step back when sitting next to me. All her other obedience commands have been easy to work with but keeping her from taking a step back when sitting is the next goal. We will continue our training tomorrow somewhere busy like a shopping center or any area with a lot of people.


Pupdate 11/16/2023

Today I took Charlie to Citadel outlets in Commerce, CA to work on her obedience training for proper conditioning around people. Charlie did really well keeping a pace with some issues of trying to lead but was easily redirected. As we made our way around the outlets we were stopped by a family who were amazed to see how calm Charlie was behaving. They wanted to greet her so with my permission I allowed them to do so and Charlie had no intentions to jump on them. She greeted each individual person without jumping. After greeting them we were able to walk around the outlets multiple times before taking a break.

We found an open area to practice all our obedience commands while people passed by us. In the video above is our practice of extended down since this seems to be complicated for Charlie compared to other obedience commands. As people pass by Charlie from behind saying things to her she can be intimidated and this causes her to break. If she breaks I redirect her back into her down obedience command to continue the practice. After a longer duration of time passes by I break her for her reward which is praise.

After staying for 2 hours with multiple breaks Charlie was ready to go home and enjoy the rest of her day with Hunter. We followed up with more obedience training at home practicing recall.


Pupdate 11/17/2023

Today Charlie and I went back to Citadel outlets today with a friend of ours from offleash with her pups to train. Charlie was around two different dogs today and being around them made Charlie distracted. I took the time to work on her obedience as Amanda and her dogs were distant from us training. The closer we were to her dogs Charlie had some intentions to smell them but I would ask for her off obedience command to direct her attention back towards me. Each time she would glance at me for 1 second I would always praise her to make this reward system more fun for her. When practicing our obedience again we were troubled with some issues of getting Charlie into a down. After 3 minutes we weren't able to perform this obedience command so I gave Charlie a break and took Charlie to a deserted area to relax and settle. Once she had some water and had her break we practiced her down obedience command in the deserted area where Charlie had more confidence. I took Charlie back to the spot where she couldn't perform this but after her break she was able to perform her extended down for 2 minutes before being given her break.

Overall experience today was good with Charlie keeping her heel and performing all her obedience commands with some issues with down which was worked through. Charlie got to greet two girls and had no issues jumping but broke her sit which was redirected. The girls were amazed, giving comments saying how calm Charlie is for being outside.


Pupdate 11/18/2023

This morning I took Charlie and Hunter on a walk together which went well. Charlie has been watching Hunter run towards the grass area where I let him go every morning so she's been consistently going on grass but when pooping she goes randomly on our walks after peeing. Charlie hasn't had an accident and has been going in my backyard or the side of the house during the day while at home. She's been peeing 3 times a day on the schedule I have her on and seemed to be working compared to her home situation.

After Charlie had her usual playtime with Hunter she had her breakfast and a break inside her crate to have some rest. Later on in the day we practiced her recall obedience command. This has been easier to do inside the house but outside her surroundings can be a distraction to her. If Charlie stops to come around me at any point I use the e-collar to redirect her back to her heel position. For most of our practices she's been doing well coming to my side with the help of saying come consistently until she makes it around to hear me ask for sit. In the video above we were practicing already for some time before it started to rain. We continued the end of our practice inside the house and with my hand signals Charlie seems to understand how to perform her recall better. She's still trying to pace herself back while sitting but with my hand I can help guide her better into her sit.

We continued the rest of the day with house conditioning trying to instigate her couch surfing behavior but hasn't tried to do this. I've also been keeping an eye on her in my backyard preventing her from biting stuff from the ground with the use of the e-collar which has been going well but she will always try to find something to grab if I'm not in her eye sight.


Pupdate 11/19/2023

Today Charlie and Hunter had their usual walk in the morning. Charlie going potty on the grass went well but she still manages to take her time to walk then decide to poop on pavement. She has a tendency to try and take a step back when being asked to sit with Hunter but I keep redirecting her forward to be in a better position.

In the video above is the both of them having fun with each other as always. Charlie can get carried away around Hunter but Hunter is very aware of educating her play style with him even submitting to her giving her the opportunity of winning during play. They have been always out together inside the house until I have to leave or need something to do.

Second part of the video is our food manners practice after some playtime. Charlie has been doing really well when practicing her food manners since her first day of boarding. Only once she broke position to get to her food but everyday has been consistent with her patience to get her meal. We practiced in the middle of my house going all around in different directions to challenge Charlie but she prevails and successfully completes this with ease. We went later to a park near my house that has a dog park to see if walking around the dog park can distract Charlie. Unfortunately at the time when we went there were no dogs at the park so we made our way back to the local park where we practiced our obedience near a family having a party close to a playground.


Pupdate 11/20/2023

Today is Charlie's last day of her training so this morning she had her walk with Hunter. She went pee and poop on grass today and as she did both I made sure to reward her with praise once she was done each separate time. Once we returned home Charlie and Hunter had playtime for about 30 minutes before being given a break.

Later on I took Charlie to Home Depot to work on all of her obedience commands and to try something new. When we first arrived I was impressed on how close Charlie was with me from the beginning get out of the car. As we made our way throughout the store I only had to redirect Charlie once to heel close to me when she tried to branch away from me. Each time someone with a dolly or cart passed by us Charlie seemed uneasy but remained confident enough to let these objects pass us while in motion. Each time this happens I would still vocalize to Charlie good girl since she's still young so constant reminders of good behaviors without food is ideal for conditioning. There were multiple people who were trying to call Charlie while we trained and each time if she looked at someone I would ask for her off obedience and she would redirect her attention back to me.

In the video above is a short bonus clip of our first attempt at leash dragging through the store. Charlie was able to perform her heel and extended sit while letting people pass by around her until given her break. After the recording we continued to walk throughout the more busier parts of Home Depot and Charlie kept her composure throughout the visit! She has progressed within just 7 days of being with me again and I'm happy to see her enjoying her experience outside again! She's been able to work up to leash dragging almost at an offleash level. Charlie is ready to go back to her family and show what she's been able to do!


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