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Charlie | Golden Retriever | Brea, Ca | In-Training

Charlie, a 1 year old Golden Retriever, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our 1 week board and train program. Charlie is a sweet boy but comes to us with some aggression issues. He is protective of his owner, mouthy, jumps, food aggressive, and reactive if approached in his crate. Over the next week Charlie will be working on his obedience, manners, and aggression issues. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 4/26/2021

Today Charlie and I were suppose to go to the park to practice his obedience commands, but he wouldn't let me put him into the car. He tried to turn around and bite so Charlie had to have the muzzle put on. I am guessing he has had one on before, since he was very comfortable with it on. We worked on loading up into the car, as you can see in the video I think it's going to be a problem anymore. We also worked on the Place command. Place is where Charlie needs to sit or lay on an object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching him to be relaxed and calm. I have been feeding him by hand. We tried the bowl, but of course he reacted and tried to lunge at me. Still a work in progress, only day one of training. Jumping into the car, on his own, is already a big improvement. He also found out today, that there is a jacuzzi. He was a pretty sad when I wouldn't let him go for a swim.


Pupdate 4/27/2021

Charlie hopped right into the car with no fuss, so we headed over the park to work on his obedience commands. We worked on all commands: come to sit, place, down, and heel. Heel is still a work in progress, but he is walking a lot better now. No more weaving or pulling ahead. He walks right along side me. I used his kibble as treats, so I could hand feed him. I tried both collars, on myself, to see how they compare to each other. The collar you gave me isn't as accurate on the levels of stimulation as our ecollar. Charlie is pretty sensitive to the stimulation and works on low numbers. His collar goes up higher on the levels of stimulation faster. I would recommend you buying one of our ecollars.




Pupdate 4/29/2021

Today Charlie and I went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to work on his obedience commands. all the noises and distractions were a little too much for him so he had to wear his muzzle, but we worked through it until he wasn’t scared or focused on the commotion going on around him. Once he relaxed, Charlie was able to follow all the commands I asked of him and even let strangers approach and pet him. Charlie is very visual rather than scent, meaning he doesn‘t use his nose first, like a balanced dog would. when a puppy is born their eyes and ears are closed, so they use their nose to find their way around. as they grow the eyes open followed by ears. Charlie has it backwards: eyes 1st, ears 2nd, and nose last. This is why he tends to be more alert, defensive, and easily distracted. We need to get him back to nose, eyes, then ears. Each day he is getting better, but I suggest more training will be needed in order to fully cut out his aggression. After our Hollywood trip, Mike and I worked on Charlie’s food resource guarding. I am very proud of Charlie; he has really improved from day one! The Out command has done wonders, getting him to back away from his food is amazing!


Pupdate 4/30/2021


Pupdate 5/1/2021


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