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Charlie the 5 month old American/English Labrador from Valencia, CA has joined us for the world famous two week Board and Train program. Like his brother, Jack, before, Charlie needs to learn so obedience so he can become more immersed into his family. Like most pups Charlie's age, he pulls on the leash, can't hold still for more than ten seconds, and loves to "do his own thing" when he feels like it. Stay tuned for Charlie's transformation.


Pupdate 05/11/2021

Oh, the rest only lasts for so long before the crazies start back up!

What do you get when the trainer feels bad for the dog on the hard plastic- destruct-O Dog!!!

Charlie working not only distance commands, but duration with distractions. The three Big "Ds" in training.


Pupdate 05/11/2021

So, not exactly Google Maps, but Charlie got out and about today!!!! 5.8 Miles around Long Beach heeling without stopping. Despite Charlie wanting to smell, greet, etc. we pushed on teaching him that following directions is the first order of the day.

He looks so serious- we only walked about 150 yards at this point.

Charlie can be silly and happy

Charlie is kind of saying "make it stop, please!"

Placing on a brand new object. No problems for this guy!


Pupdate 05/12/2021

Charlie is keeping watch over his new friend Dublin

Charlie is willing to "place" on nearly anything he is asked to

Five month old Dublin and Charlie


Pupdate 05/13/2021

Rodeo Drive- Beverly Hills, CA


Pupdate 05/14/2021

While Charlie was out hunting he had to take a rabbits were harmed while training...neither of the dog could ever catch a rabbit.


Pupdate 05/15/2021


Pupdate 05/16/2021

Boys will be dogs were injured in the filming of this video, lol


Pupdate 05/17/2021

High level of distractions for Charlie. Charlie overall did very well, but there were some moments of "bloopers" that couldn't be avoided.


Pupdate 05/18/2021

The level of distractions were as high as I have ever seen. Most dogs would not have handled themselves as Charlie did.


Pupdate 05/19/2021

After picking up Jack we hiked into Los Feliz for a three hour walk with heavy urban distractions. Jack and Charlie did very well with all the distractions. J&C did however take turns leading the walk (a no no), took turns walking next to the handler (a no no), so today we are going to dial in who goes where and who is really supposed to be leading (the handler).

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