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Chai | Pug Mix | Fullerton, CA | In Training

Introducing Chai to Off Leash's 2 week board and train program. Chai is coming to us for a number of reasons but one of the priorities is her aggressive behavior towards strangers. She likes to bark at people non stop and will bite if you get close enough to her. She is loving and friendly to her owners but isn't very obedient when it comes to following commands. We're gonna spend the next two weeks working on ways to improve her behavior and manage it once she is back home with her family.


Pupdate 03/08/21

Chai relaxed enough for me to get her out of her crate and get her E-Collar on today! She responded well to it but is still very very nervous around me so we are working on that too so we can make her enjoy the training and not afraid. She worked on learning the heel command today. This exercise we practiced is to show her to match my pace and direction changes instead of leading the walk.


Pupdate 03/09/21

Chai made some improvements today. Though she is still nervous of me I am now able to take her out of the crate without a little easier without my protective glove as she is not biting anymore. We were able to take a few long neighborhood walks today and practice the place command indoors.


Pupdate 03/10/21

One our first day I needed to wear a glove to get Chai out of her crate because she was biting me whenever I would reach my hand in but we were persistent and kept working at it. We have made progress to the point were though she is nervous still she will not bite me anymore and glove is no longer needed. She backs away but once I get her collar I can gentley guide her to the front and lift her out. We began practicing the place command today and she began to learn it after lots of repetitions.


Pupdate 03/11/21

Trip to a park today. Chai did well with the heel command. When she begins to pull ahead, light corrections from the E-Collar at low levels bring her back to my side. Chai will be remaining on leash for her safety as well as others due to her biting tendency when it comes to strangers and other dogs.


Pupdate 03/12/21

Chai has been improving daily. Though she is going to need to stay on the leash, she has been learning the place command. She has trouble sitting and holding and likes to spring back up so patience is key here. Making her hold the command until "break" at which point I give her extra praise and make it fun.


Pupdate 03/13/21

Chai went to the park today to practice the heel command around distractions. This exercise teaches chai to focus on me as we constantly turn through the poles.


Pupdate 03/14/21

Weaving through those poles at the park! Chai made some progress and we were able to move through them with me requiring less leash pressure today. She is also greeting me with more excitement now instead of being nervous. A week into training she is finally coming out of her shell a bit more!


Pupdate 03/15/21

Chai is staying very consistent with her weight. She has been eating all of her food out of her slow feeder with no issues. I have been making her work to get her food. For example sitting or doing the place command to earn dinner.


Pupdate 03/16/21

Chai out at Lowe's today. She got very barky at some people walking by so I used the "Off" command and she stopped. We then began working her commands. She is very stubborn against the down command especially around people because she is so nervous still. She needs socialization and confidence to help her realize she can relax.


Pupdate 03/17/21

Working around my dog Kylo! Chai gets nervous around bigger dogs so having her hold a sit next to him proved difficult!


Pupdate 03/18/21

Today chai worked a lot on her door manners. Working on sitting and holding place, waiting patiently to be invited outside on my command.


Pupdate 03/19/21

Chai working at Lowes today. She gets a bit overwhelmed doing all of her commands in crowds but she understands what's being asked of her if we hold her accountable. She showed some big progress jumping up on this moving cart to perform the place command.


Pupdate 03/20/21

Chai working on her food manners today! Holding place until being released to eat some treats makes her work for it and have to earn her meal!

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