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Pomsky - Dog Training | Cassius Clay | Encino, CA

Cassius Clay, a Pomsky, from Encino, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 1 Week Board & Train dog training program. Cassius Clay was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid in Carson, CA​

Cassius Clay is an eight month old pomsky, who is joining us for our One-Week Board and Train, from Encino, California. Cassius is a sweet boy, who loves to snuggle and get lots of pets. He joined the program to work on his manners around other dogs and not darting out the door. Overall, he is a bright boy who is eager to please and wants to play. See what he learns this week!


Pupdate 10/06/20

Cassius spent the day settling in to his new environment and starting his training. The e collar was introduced and he learned come, sit, break and place. We also began working on our door manners. He ate half of his food and is adjusting to sleeping in his crate, which is very normal. Stay tuned.


Pupdate 10/07/20

Cassius went to the park today to continue working on recall and beginning the heel foundation. We also learned down, he is eating his food gradually and slowing coming around to the crate.


Pupdate 10/08/20

Cassius went to two new parks today. He learned how to heel and make sure contact. We worked on his down and made great progress with his door manners. He is really coming out of his shell and not reacting as much on our walks. He is a little picky about his food but that's normal, he is still eating and taking food just working on him finishing all his food. After our long day, we played in the yard and he got to zoom around.


Pupdate 10/09/20

Cassius went to a new park today to work on his place command. We also added duration to his place and sit. As well working on his puppy push ups.


Pupdate 10/10/20

Cassius worked around my 15 year old dog, Roxy. He learned how to hang out and work around older dogs, like his siblings. We worked on the weave poles and door manners. We also worked on waiting nicely for food and his come to sit.


Pupdate 10/11/20

Cassius went to the park today to work around other dogs. He learned how to stay focus and keep moving when other dogs were around. We also worked on his distance down and sit as well as place to place.


Pupdate 10/12/20

Cassius spent his last day getting lots of walks and cuddles. He worked on sit and down today along with duration place and food manners. We went to a new park and walked by other dogs.



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