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CJ | Bernese Mt Dog | Upland, Ca | In Training

CJ is camping with us for the next 14 days. CJ is a good boy he Just needs a little more guidance when it comes to meeting new people, specially women. He loves to jump on strangers and bark at them. When distracted by other dogs he becomes too excited and ignores all commands.


Pupdate 10/28/2019


Pupdate 10/29/2019

We are doing lots of Socializing with women and kids. That's one of the biggest problems his parents are having. He is doing great!



Pupdate 10/31/2019

Happy Halloween. Duration down at the park.


Pupdate 10/01/2019

CJ and Alice working on commands


Pupdate 11/02/2019


Pupdate 11/03/2019


Pupdate 11/04/2019

Doing some training at home depot


Pupdate 11/05/2019


Pupdate 11/06/2019

CJ has gotten much better, he is able to sit and stay for a long period of time.


Pupdate 11/07/2019


Pupdate 11/09/2019

Getting cleaned up for my big day tomorrow.


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