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Buster | Shih Tzu Mix | Rancho Cucamonga, CA | In-Training

Meet Mr. Buster!!! He is a one year old Shih Tzu Mix from Rancho Cucamonga California. He is a happy go lucky guy with a ton of personality! He loves everyone and everything a bit too much! He is incredibly difficult to handle in public as he is more interested in everything but listening to his owner. He is with us for our Two Week Board and Train Program to learn all his manners, get better about focusing in public, and to work without needing treats!


Pupdate 01/10/2021

Mr. Buster is doing really great so far! He has marked just about every object and blade of grass in the whole backyard and is slowly but surely getting used to the kennel! He did his first lesson with the E-Collar and is a super quick learner! He definitely has a stubborn spirit to him but with lots of patience and love we are going to turn that stubbornness into a good thing!

Mr. Buster has done really well in his half day here so far! He did a session on getting into and out of the kennel and is getting much more comfortable with it! When we came in from our before bed potty time he only needed some slight tension towards the kennel on his collar and he walked right in of his own volition! He had some light anxiety in there earlier today but is beginning to automatically settle down in there. He didn't have too much of an appetite for dinner, which is totally normal. I would say at the very minimum half the pups that come to us have some nerves that prevent them from being particularly hungry for the first meal or two. I am sure he will start working up his appetite tomorrow!


Pupdate 01/11/2021

Buster did great his first "real" day of training! He is already getting away from needing the leash direction for his Heel command and learning how to check in. He wasn't super hungry for breakfast but after working his tail off all day he was all about dinner! He is doing really well with kenneling given that it isn't his norm. He whines a little here and there when getting settled in but then knocks out completely!


Pupdate 01/12/2021

Big Buster did really well in his sessions today! He is really starting to get his recall and heel down pat. He is starting to really check in with me and pay attention to what I'm doing/saying which is some really awesome progress! He had some middle of the night anxiety last night but settled in after a little while and was sleeping like a baby when I got up in the morning! He was more interested in peeing on every single blade of grass then eating breakfast but worked up his appetite for dinner!


Pupdate 01/13/2021

Buster is coming along so fast! He dragged his leash most of today and practiced all of his commands! He is really starting to get everything and has adjusted really well to the overall schedule! He got a bunch of compliments during our session at the nature center and they were well deserved since he is working so hard!


Pupdate 01/14/2021

Buster had so much fun at the Back Bay Nature Reserve today! He is coming along so nicely! He is getting all kinds of stares and compliments from everybody around! He is also now eating nicely. He still pushes it around a little bit before eating but it scarfing down both meals now! He is such a fun a playful sweet boy.


Pupdate 01/15/2021

Bust did awesome in his park sessions today and then got to meet a new friend Nico!! He can get pretty vocal when playing but overall has some great play manners! He is eating and sleeping great. He has already come such a long way in his first couple days!


Pupdate 01/16/2020

Mr. Buster did awesome at the duck park today! He did all of his commands with no leash tension (except a tiny bit on his Down command). He walked by other dogs, scary geese, and a bunch of different kids on scooters/bikes/skateboards! He is a total champ. He is eating great, kenneling pretty well (he does have some anxiety in there sometimes at night), and learning quick! He is having a bit of upset stomach (loose stool), this is pretty normal at this point in the training for pups that have anxiety separating. So far it hasn't been anything to be alarmed by, but I'll be keeping my eye on it!


Pupdate 01/17/2021

Mr. Buster did awesome in his lessons today! He has been working so hard! I am so proud of how far he has come in this first week. He is really starting to turn heads everywhere we go. He is eating great, sleeping better (still typically has 1 or 2 moments of middle of the night anxiety but it's getting better!), and he is making loads of progress with the training!


Pupdate 01/18/2021

Buster did his whole lesson at the outdoor mall dragging his leash and never needed an ounce of help with any of his commands! He was a bit overwhelmed at first by all the people, kids, dogs, and shops but quickly started leaning on all that he has learned and was soon trotting along happily and making tons of eye contact with me!


Pupdate 01/19/2021

Buster showed off all his skills at another outdoor mall today! He is getting better and better at maintaining his commands for longer amounts of time and in higher level distraction environments! He is such a good pup and having an absolute blast running around with Mr. Nico during his time off!


Pupdate 01/20/2021

Buster had such a busy day! He celebrated his fellow trainee Shay's birthday and got to have loads of fun making a new friend and getting to play, he went to back bay nature reserve, and then finished off the day at the outdoor mall!


Pupdate 01/21/2021

Buster did a long session at the duck park today!! He is doing really well! We are going to be getting ready to film his final video. He is doing all his commands without any leash direction and we are working hard on expanding his commands as far as we can go before he goes home!


Pupdate 01/22/2021

We filmed this guys final video today!! He absolutely killed it! He has grown so much this past two weeks and we are going to miss him and his quirky personality terribly!


Pupdate 01/23/2021

These guys are going to miss each other!! They have had so much fun playing everyday! Mr. Buster is all packed up and ready to head home in the morning!


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