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Bruno | Golden Retriever | Lomita, CA | In Training

Introducing Bruno an extremely energetic Golden retriever who has a stubborn side. He is here for two weeks learning fundamental commands and improving his obedience. He is really nervous on day 1 and is biting to stay in his cage but we hope to improve his confidence and our relationship over the next 2 weeks. No no


Pupdate 12/07/2020


Pupdate 12/08/2020


Pupdate 12/09/2020

Learning the place command. Practicing getting on the cott and holding it until hearing his release command " Break!"


Pupdate 12/10/2020


Pupdate 12/11/2020

Night walk this evening with Bruno utilizing the flashlight feature on his E-Collar. This acts as a safety feature for showing his location during night walks and allows Bruno to be a guide and light the way for night walks.


Pupdate 12/12/2020

At the local baseball fields today practicing the weave poles around light distractions. We had a small audience of softball players at some points who were impressed.


Pupdate 12/13/2020

Walking on the sidewalk of a busy street today. All the loud noises of trucks and motorcycles passing by made Bruno nervous at first but he is getting better at ignoring those distractions and focusing on his commands.


Pupdate 12/14/2020

Working off leash heel today on the track at the school! He did very good but requires E-Collar correction when passing by some distractions like joggers or other dogs.


Pupdate 12/15/2020

Little bit of play time with my dog Kylo, Bruno has warmed up to him a lot over the last week. We worked some more off leash heel and sit but he is struggling with the down command.


Pupdate 12/16/2020

Bruno working his commands off leash. He can be stubborn without the aid of the leash and choose not to complete his commands sometimes so it's extremely important we hold him accountable and require him to follow through with our given commands.


Pupdate 12/17/2020

Bruno working on the load up command. At first he is not confident enough to actually jump up into the car at all but after some practice he is waiting patiently to be invited to jump directly into his crate.


Pupdate 12/18/2020

Bruno out filming some of his off leash final video at a park. He did well and is getting excited to come home to the family!


Pupdate 12/19/2020

Bruno out filming his off leash video at a park. We had some roller bladers go past us and he did a great job at not reacting. He is excited to go home tomorrow and show off what he has been practicing.


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