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Bruce | 3 Months Old | Cane Corso | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Bruce is OffLeash SoCal’s newest puppy, here for our puppy package. Bruce is a 3 month old Cane Corso from Los Angeles, CA, who can get food aggressive when he is hangry and has not had any socialization during this pandemic. Although he is very smart, he only listens when food is present. Within the next three weeks, he will be great with all of his commands...with and without food present. I‘m looking forward to training this fun, loving pup.


Pupdate 06/08/2020

Bruce got to meet the other dogs enrolled in our board and train program. I will be trying to get Bruce to have as much exposure as he can to

other pups, and lots of distractions. Today Bruce worked on duration sit and down.


Pupdate 06/09/2020

It was a little warm out today, so Bruce got to enjoy some nice easy training. Today Bruce worked on placing on placing on the slide, getting used to new surfaces, and he even got a chance to cool off in the pool.


Pupdate 06/10/2020


Pupdate 06/11/2020


Pupdate 06/12/2020

Bruce is really starting to break out of his shell, and coming into his own. He didn‘t have any accidents in the kennel, he has been loose leash heeling, and is really getting along with the other pups. Bruce is happy and healthy and loving his training.


Pupdate 06/13/2020

Bruce helped me work on cleaning up the lawn today. We worked lawn mower distractions and the leaf blower. After we were done Bruce got some brotherly advice from Big Chief about how to work through his distractions.


Pupdate 06/14/2020


Pupdate 06/15/2020


Pupdate 06/16/2020

Bruce has been hanging out with Winston, the 2 year old Great Dane. On our morning walks we have been getting exposure to all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood. Bruce is doing great and really seems to like his training.


Pupdate 06/17/2020

Someone is growing

Bruce is growing so fast. He is naturally getting on different place objects and either sitting or laying down. It has been pure joy to train Bruce.


Pupdate 06/18/2020


Pupdate 06/19/2020


Pupdate 06/20/2020

Bruce is feeling much better and it’s showing with his training. We have been working hard with his confidence and he can sit and hold it with a kitten meowing in the back. Bruce knows street crossing manners to prevent him from darting into harms way. With one week left with his training Bruce is right where he needs to be.


Pupdate 06/21/2020

Bruce is showing off as if he is the pack leader. This big guy has come along way since we started training. His confidence is through the roof, he has gained 10 lbs, and he goes potty on command.


Pupdate 06/22/2020


Pupdate 06/23/2020


Pupdate 06/24/2020


Pupdate 06/25/2020


Pupdate 06/26/2020


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