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Brookie | Yorkshire Terrier Mix | Lakewood, CA | In-Training

This is Brookie, a 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier Mix from Lakewood, CA here for our one week Board and Train program. Brookie likes to cuddle up with his family and chase his favorite toy ball all around. Brookie's family has been having trouble with his nipping, jumping, and barking. He is unable to get properly groomed due to his aggressive side. Over the next week, Brookie will learn basic and fundamental obedience that will help guide him to have a better relationship with his family so stay tuned for his pawsome transformation!


PUPDATE 8/2/2021


PUPDATE 8/3/2021

We practiced our commands and greeting manners with my friend and her service dog, Link. They got along well


PUPDATE 8/4/2021


PUPDATE 8/5/2021

After a good brushing! Lookin' Good!

I tried to get most of the matts out


PUPDATE 8/6/2021

Final Video sneak peak!


PUPDATE 8/7/2021

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