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Bradley | Labrador Pit Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Welcoming Bradley, an 8 month old Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull mix. He is a friendly pup who is an extreme puller. He gets a bit too excited sometimes when it comes to play time and has been known to nip at hands to get attention. He will be spending the next week learning how to walk on a leash and fundamental obedience commands.


Pupdate 10/06/2020

Teaching Bradley the heel command this morning. Getting him used to the E-Collar and how it works while showing him not to pull so hard on the leash during walks. He is understanding quickly that he needs to match both my pace and directional changes. Bradley is having trouble making it through the night without getting very anxious. He cried and howled through most of the first night together but did a little better the second night. This is Bradleys separation anxiety getting the best of him but I have faith that over the next week he will gain the confidence to be content with solitude during his bedtime hours.


Pupdate 10/07/2020

Bradley here working the place command. He is improving his confidence daily as the first time we attempted this command he certainly did not want to hop on the cot. 3 days into training he is jumping on and off it like nobodys business! We also are working on the down command though Bradley requires to be gently guided to lay down using the leash.


Pupdate 10/08/2020


Pupdate 10/09/2020

Bradley out on our evening walk. Through utilizing the E-Collar, Bradley will walk on the leash without pulling and will complete his commands but left to decide for himself without the E-Collar being used he will typically test by ignoring the command. It is critical in these moments that we use the E-Collar with him to complete all commands as it teaches him consistency and he learns he must listen to all commands always not just some when he is in the mood.


Pupdate 10/10/2020

Working through all the commands this morning. Bradley has made big progress and I am very proud of him! He's ready to listen when it comes time to work.


Pupdate 10/11/2020

Last day with me! Bradley is very excited to get home and show off everything he has been working on.

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