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Boris | Bullmastiff | Lakewood, CA| In Training

Welcoming in this young pup, Boris to our two week board and train program! Boris is a 7 month old Bullmastiff who is a very happy and adventures young boy. He will be spending the next two weeks learning some fundamental commands that will give his mom the ability to control him and his behaviors as he gets older and larger.


Pupdate 02/15/21

Boris spent a lot of time learning the Heel command today. He is a heavy puller especially when there is something he wants to sniff so we use this exercise to teach him how to stop pulling and instead focus on me while I change get directions and my pace to keep him on his toes.


Pupdate 02/16/21

Boris practicing all of his commands today our during our long walks. He really wants to lead the walk so sometimes lots of corrections are needed to keep his attention.


Pupdate 02/17/21

Teaching Boris the place command. He is to get on the cott, sit down and hold the command until I release him with "break"


Pupdate 02/18/21

Boris out practicing commands around my dog Kylom Boris has to fight the urge to play but it is manageable and if we hold him accountable he will do it.


Pupdate 02/19/21

Boris working along side his partner in training, Isla. Boris gets distracted randomly and will try to play with her so some light corrections are required to keep him focused in his commands.


Pupdate 02/20/21

Boris was a little under the weather, he is having a case of diarrhea today which I believe was due to stress. The combination of being away from home plus the stress that comes with learning new commands makes this a common side effect. We will be training harder tomorrow to make up for his take it easy rest day. Wasn't as hungry for his dinner either.


Pupdate 02/21/21

Boris feeling better today! We made a trip to the park to do this hearing exercise that teaches him to focus on me as we constantly weave through poles. He requires leash pressure still and can be easily distracted but he made improvements. We also worked on the down command. He will lay down but loves to roll around and be sloppy instead of sitting still. A work in progress.


Pupdate 02/22/21

Happy guy here. Boris is a little over a week into training now and he is able to drag leash but still not off leash capable. He is too easily distracted and would rather do his own thing so leash pressure for some commands is still required.


Pupdate 02/23/21

Boris working on his door manners. Making him sit and hold before being released outside.


Pupdate 02/24/21

Boris out utilizing his night features on his E-Collar. It has features a light that allows Boris to be very visible during his post sunset walks. Here he is doing the place command on a raised bench. This proves a growth of confidence and trust. He took all of his medicine today no problem as well. Flea/Heartworm stuff.


Pupdate 02/25/21

Boris off leash today! He requires corrections to keep him on page with me as he gets overly excited and walks ahead. Sometimes he lays behind to pee on things so it's important we lead the walk, not letting him stop to mark everything but instead heeling him passed.


Pupdate 02/26/21

Practicing those food manners! This guy really needs to be held accountable with this one. Making him wait patiently before being released to his dinner is a simple but critical exercise for Boris.


Pupdate 02/27/21

Boris out at at Lowes today filming his final video. We went off leash and he did really well. He is naturally curious of everything around him so we have to keep him in command with the collar.

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