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Bo | Logotto Romagnolo | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

This is Bo, a six month old Logotto Romagnolo from Los Angeles, CA here for our Two Week Board and Train! Bo is a sweet pup who loves everyone he sees but he pulls on the leash and is distracted quite easily. Over the next two weeks, we will be working on that and more so stay tuned!

Bo was good in the car ride back to my house and he did not get car sick. He seemed interested in the new sights and smells so that is a good thing. He is relatively quiet in the crate. He ate all his food and had some water. He peed but he has not pooped yet. Bo was okay getting in and out of the crate but I can tell he is still unsure about being crated. Can't wait to train tomorrow!


PUPDATE 12/27/2021

Today was the first time Bo had the e collar on and he is still getting used to it. He sniffs the ground a lot when we walk so that is something we need to work on. He does sit almost every time I ask him. Bo had troubles going around to the left side when doing Come to Sit. When paired with the e collar, he does listen to his name. We also need to work on him getting in and out of the crate in the car because he is very resistant to that. Maybe Bruna can show him a thing or two! He pooped this morning. Eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally. He is doing better in the crate in the house.


PUPDATE 12/28/2021

The other training dog. A Border Collie named Maple.

Bo worked really hard today at the park. He is very stubborn and it was difficult for him to do Come to Sit again today. He does not like the pressure of his regular collar. We worked on Heel, Come to Sit, and Place. His Heel is improving each time we take a walk. Sometimes he does well with Place but other times he refuses to go on the object. We are still trying to work on going into the crate in the car.


PUPDATE 12/29/2021

Bo had a better day today. We worked on Come to Sit, Heel, and Place mostly throughout the day. He is doing much better with coming around to my left side. Bo is getting the hang of things with the concept of Place. He is not getting off objects as much as he was yesterday. I took him on a couple walks today when it was not raining and he was not pulling. He still gets a little distracted by leaves on the ground. He had diarrhea this morning and this afternoon so I put rice in his food. I will keep you updated on that.


PUPDATE 12/30/2021

Bo had a good day today at the local hardware store. We practiced Heel, Place, and Down. His Heel has continued to improve. Bo still gets nervous going on high place objects so we will be working on confidence building. He struggled with Down today. He would get out of command each time I would move away. I am still giving a lot of positive praise for him and allowing some affection so he wants to continue to do well for me. His stool was much better today.


PUPDATE 12/31/2021

Bo had a good day today at a new park. We mainly worked on Heel and Down. His Heel has really improved so that is great news. He still gets distracted from time to time but overall he does well. As you can see in the video, he sometimes gets out of the Down command so we are working on that. His stool is much better. He is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 1/1/2022

Today was the first day we worked in a more public setting than a park. I took him to a local outdoor mall to practice all his commands. He did great with his Heel and duration commands. It took him a while to do well at all the different place objects I put him on because he was being stubborn. But once I put him on one place object, I would do multiple reps to make him get more comfortable. Great job Bo!


PUPDATE 1/2/2022

Bo had a good day today at another outdoor mall to work on his commands in a more distracting environment. Overall, he did well and I am happy with his progress so far. He had a difficult time doing Come to Sit without the leash guidance. His Heel, Place, and Down were pretty solid so that is great news.


PUPDATE 1/3/2022

Bo had a good day today at the local park. We worked on all the commands. He did well with going on the different place objects and did great with Heeling next to me. We need to work on recall because he did try to run past me while we were practicing Come to Sit with the leash dragging. He is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 1/4/2022

Bo had an overall good day. We went to the Northridge mall to work on all his commands off leash. There were some great moments and some not so great moments. For example, his Heel was amazing and I am so proud of how well he has done with that. His duration commands were great as well. He needs to work more on Come to Sit as he tends to walk away from me when I call him. He also needs to work on abrupt noises like a person running by him or another sudden sound. There was a little girl that wanted to pet him and he did very well and just sat there and was calm so that was great to see. He is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 1/5/2022

He would sit facing me like this.

I used this barrier to help him face the correct way.

Another training dog, Baloo. They had a good time together!

Bo had a good day today! I took him to The Collections in Oxnard to work on all his commands off leash. Overall, he did very well. I am proud of how far he has come in his training. He got on every place object I asked him to and if he was struggling I made him do a running start and it seemed to help. We walked around the whole shopping center with Bo off leash doing all his commands. He did get up once during Place and he did not Down where I asked him but other than that, he did very well. His Heel was great today. His Come to Sit has improved although sometimes he sits facing me as seen in one picture posted. To help that, I used a barrier and he did much better.


PUPDATE 1/6/2022

Today Bo worked on home manners which include crate manners, food manners, and door manners. Overall he did very well. Food manners were a little more difficult for him than the other manners. He would sit for food manners but when I went to release him using "Break", he seemed unsure what to do and just came and sat next to me. I sprinkled some cheese on his food to interest him and it was a little better. Door manners and crate manners went very well. I just had to keep everything positive even when he would mess up and we would need to redo it. He does not respond well to any negativity.


PUPDATE 1/7/2022

I took Bo to the Santa Monica Pier to work on all his off leash commands and overall he did very well. He was heeling well and went on all the place objects I put him on. He was a little unsure about another OffLeash SoCal training dog but it was a small dog like him. Everyone at the pier was telling me how cute and well behaved he was! He stayed in the duration commands too. His Come to Sit was not a problem today so that is a great sign. He had some diarrhea this morning but by this afternoon it seems better.


PUPDATE 1/8/2022

Bo worked really hard today at the local outdoor mall. I worked on part of his final video so I hope you enjoy a sneak peak! He had some trouble with staying on the Place object when I would move closer to him. I practiced having him on Place while I moved around so he would get used to me changing position and if he got off Place, I would quickly put him back on. He did very well with his Heel and Extended Down command. There were many people, dogs, kids, and bikes that went by and he was not spooked. Great work Bo! Can't wait to show you how much he has learned tomorrow!

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