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Bo blue | King Charles Spaniel | Huntington Beach, CA | In-Training

Meet Bo blue! He’s a Seven month old King Charles Spaniel from Huntington Beach, CA. He is here for a One week Board and train program to learn basic obedience and to gain some manners. He doesn’t have leash manners and is Loves to jump on people. He’s just the cutest and sweetest pup you’ll ever meet! Stay tuned for his One week transformation.


Pupdate: 08/09/2021

Today we worked on Bo’s Kennel/load up and teaching him manners. When the door is open he has to wait to be given the release command, and that he can’t just run out. Very important to build this foundation, he will learn patience and that when he is calm, he may step out the kennel and get rewarded.


Pupdate: 08/10/2021

Learning his commands very well!! Isn’t he just the cutest puppy ever.


Pupdate: 08/11/2021


Pupdate: 08/12/2021


Pupdate: 08/13/2021

Today we worked on Bo’s heel and sit, doing It continously will have Bo perform better every time. I’m proud of how well he’s doing every day!


Pupdate: 08/14/2021


Pupdate: 08/15/2021


Pupdate: 08/16/2021

Isn’t he the cutest! Having fun and working on our commands at the park.


Pupdate: 08/17/2021

Today we worked more around home with dog distractions. Then later in the evening we took training to Lowe’s where Bo did good at!


Pupdate: 08/18/2021

Isn’t he just the cutest!!! Everyone at Tractor supply loves Bo!! They say he was such a good boy when he was showing off his command, holding his commands and being good.


Pupdate: 08/19/2021

Today we went through all his commands with distractions. Bo did really good and has been amazing!


Pupdate: 08/20/2021

Isn’t he so stinking cute!? I love Bo and how far he has gotten! He’s such a good boy and I can’t wait for his owners to see how amazing he is!


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