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Bishop | German Shepherd | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Hi everyone this is Bishop ! He's a german shepherd who loves his owners and pals at home but doesn't do so great outside of his house. When on walks distractions are a huge problem anything on wheels will quickly trigger this big guy. Small dogs and humans tend to also trigger his aggression to the point that he lunges and causes for his owners to lose control and be pulled due to his strength.


Pupdate 06/22/2020


Pupdate 06/23/2020

Bishop working at the around distractions


Pupadate 06/24/2020


Pupdate 06/25/2020

Getting lots of dog socialization. He is doing amazing 👏 😍.


Pupdate 6/26/2020

Bishop is doing great, here he is while we were doing our weight check !


Pupdate 06/27/2020


Pupdate 06/28/2020

Bishop loves learning ❤


Pupdate 06/29/2020


Pupdate 06/30/2020

Loose leash heel out in public.


Pupdate 07/01/2020

Pupdate 07/02/2020

Socializing Bishop around squirrels,bikes,skateboards and ducks 😀


Pupdate 07/03/2020


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