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Biggie | Saint Bernard | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Welcoming Biggie to the 2 week Off Leash board and train program. He is a big guy who can be difficult to control when he begins reacting to other dogs or new strangers. He is going to be spending the next 2 weeks learning all of the fundamental commands to improve his overall obedience allowing his family to better handle him.


Pupdate 01/04/21

Biggie did pretty good on his first day. We started it off with a long walk and practiced the heel command. We walked passed some other dogs that he didn't react to but did react a little to the bike riders who zoomed by us while on the street. In this video you can see him getting reactive to my cat (who loves to test my new dogs by following us around when I'm near the house. We practice walking back and forth testing his ability to ignore the cat and perform the heel command instead.


Pupdate 01/05/21

Biggie and I took a nice long walk today around a new neighborhood full of dogs that like to bark at us from behind their fence as we walk by. Biggie definitely didn't like them and use of his collar was required to direct his attention back on the heel command. He will walk ahead of me if we let him but slows down quickly if we hold him accountable to the command.


Pupdate 01/06/21

Biggie learning the place command. He is happy to jump on the cott and sit down but I have to ask him a few times before he actually listens. Then he tries to stand when I make distance but we are working on this! He gets much better with some practice. Eating all his food and doing good with sleeping through the night.


Pupdate 01/07/21

Biggie out practicing the heel command today. He can get in moods where he wants to lead the way during our walk so we have been doing this exercise in which I make lots of different U-Turns and pace changes to keep him focus on me. He is expected to match my changes so he has to pay attention to me instead of everything around us.


Pupdate 01/08/21

More heel command today. Biggie likes to pull when he sees something that interests him so we are practicing holding the heel command even through distractions.


Pupdate 01/09/21

Sleepy guy after a long training session today. Biggie is doing well at walking and ignoring light distractions we meet out on our walk.


Pupdate 01/10/21

Handsome man out working his commands today. He is getting better about listening without having to ask multiple times. He reacted to another big dog walking by us today and I was able to use the E-Collar paired with his command "Off" to get him to leave it alone and then we kept on Heeling.


Pupdate 01/11/21

Biggie working off leash today! He did really well. Since he responds to the E-Collar great we went to a local track and walked along off leash for some time. We walked passed some other joggers that he ignored however someone passing on a bike caught his attention. I used to collar to keep him focused on his command.


Pupdate 01/12/21

Biggie enjoying some field time. Doing some off leash grass surfing after I gave him a break as reward for a great training session!


Pupdate 01/13/21

Biggie working off leash today on his commands. He does better at focusing after we've already put some miles down and gotten some of the energy out. Working on the down command he still puts up afight sometimes and requires to be gently guided down with hand pressure.


Pupdate 1/14/21

Out with my dog Kylo today working around him. When they first met, Biggie did not like Kylo and lunged at him but after warming up to eachother they are playing around and completing walks together.


Pupdate 01/15/21

Working off leash with Biggie today at a new park. When he first gets off leash he wants to play so much it's sometimes hard to get his attention. I begin using the collar as needed to keep him focused but after working and exercising mentally he deserves that free play time. So after earning it with hard work he is released to run around and roll in the grass as he pleases. When I call him to return it's time to come back.



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