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Bentley | Terrier Mix | West Lake Village, CA | In Training |

I’d like to welcome Bentley to the OffLeash SoCal clan, as our newest 1 week board and train. Bentley joins us because he suffers from extreme separations anxiety, chronic barking, as well as the inability to walk on a leash. This is the first time Bentley has been separated from his brother Baxter, who just recently completed his training. I’m excited to see Bently break out of his shell and be the sweet fun loving pup I know he can be.


Pupdate 07/06/2020


Pupdate 07/07/2020

Bentley is working hard to get through his separations anxiety. We have been working hard with duration sit, come, and place.


Pupdate 07/08/2020


Pupdate 07/09/2020

Bentley is getting out and about in my neighborhood. Today he has really turned his training around. He was loose leash heeling with ease, as well as sitting when properly asked to. I am very happy with this little guy today.


Pupdate 07/10/2020

Bentley is making friends and loving his training. I have been giving him some extra love so that he knows I’m here to help him. We have gotten past the nipping stage and into a working relationship. He has been eating and put on 2 lbs since he has been here.


Pupdate 07/11/2020

Bentley is happy to be out training and smiling. His confidence is through the roof. Today he helped me with one of my lessons and he was using his nose to smell like a champ.

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