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Bentley | Siberian Husky Dog Training | Monterey Park, CA

Bentley, a Siberian Husky from Monterey Park, CA, went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Dog Training Program. Bentley was trained by Sheena Chavez in LaHabra, CA.

Bentley is a 1 year old Siberian Husky with very high energy. He loves to run up and greet anyone or any animal. Unless he is getting constant attention he turns to being destructive or an escape artist. He also doesn't always come when his name is being called.

Pupdate 08/05/2019

Pupdate 08/06/2019

He knows when his picture is being taken and loves to strike a pose

Pupdate 8/7/2019

Bentley is learning to Come once called and Sit directly onto my left side. He is also learning his new release command Break.

Pupdate 8/8/2019

This beautiful boy enjoys the times he gets to lay down in the shade

Pupdate 8/9/2019

Here we have Bentley practicing his “Place” command. he is to sit and hold his position on the place object until released. His training is coming along well.

Pupdate 8/10/2019

He loves the street art and sits very nicely for his photos

Pupdate 8/11/2019

Huskies make the best of friends! Bentley made a new husky friend and he had a blast playing with her.

Pupdate 8/12/2019

Practicing his place command while taking a stroll through brea practicing with distractions

Pupdate 8/13/2019

Bentley is working on his door manners, he has to sit and wait until he is invited inside or outside.

Pupdate 8/14/2019

“Did you say sale!?” Don’t worry, we won’t give into his shopping habits

Pupdate 8/15/2019

Extended Place... where Bentley just gets to hang out until he is released

Pupdate 8/16/2019

Beach days are the best days ever, he loves the cool summer breeze

Pupdate 8/17/2019

Pupdate 8/18/2019

Bentley is enjoying our last day together at the park, he is being a very good boy!

Final Video!


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