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Bentley | Golden Retriever | Paramount, CA | In-Training

Meet Bentley! Bentley is a two year old Golden Retriever from Paramount, CA and he is joking us for out One Week Board and Train Program! Bentley knows how to sit and down but struggles listening to basic commands out in public around heavy distractions. Bentley also tends to pull heavily on leash and loves to jump up when greeting new people. Bentley is a sweet gentle boy who is ready to learn! Check out his 7 day transformation!


Pupdate 2/19/2023

Bentley and I worked on introducing him to the e-collar today! He was really overwhelmed when he first came home but quickly warmed up to me the more time we spent! We worked on introducing his first command which was heel and got the hang of it after some time. Bentley didn’t want to go potty today so I made sure to let him out more frequently just in case he needed to go. He settled into his kennel nicely and whined for about a minute before he completely settled! Bentley is definitely a bit nervous and easily spooked but we’re going to try and work him through it. He is such a good boy! 


Pupdate 2/20/2023

Bentley and I went to Legg Lake Park to work on his heel and come to sit. Bentley had a hard time with come to sit in the beginning since he was overwhelmed at the amount of dogs that were there with their trainers. He wanted to walk up to every dog and person that he passed. It did take him a couple of minutes before he was able to completely settle and work well around other dogs. After some time, Bentley did great and we were even able to work on his place command. He struggled getting on the slide but after some encouragement he was able to do it no problem! He was even able to get onto the picnic table! Bentley did amazing today and ended his day with working on down. 


Pupdate 2/21/2023

Bentley and I worked on all of his commands today at Petsmart. He was very overwhelmed but did his hardest to follow through with his commands. Bentley is doing so much better listening but still gets a bit distracted with people. He did his come to sit really well today but needs more work on cleaning up his positioning. Overall, he is such a good boy!


Pupdate 2/22/2023

Bentley and I focused on down today. He was a bit hesitant at all of the noises at Lowe’s and seemed overwhelmed walking through the store. Overall, he did great and we’re making sure to focus on his down since he’s struggling with it. He is doing great with all of his other commands. 


Pupdate 2/23/2023

Bentley and I went to Citadel to work on all of his commands around distractions. He is doing so well with all of his commands and has significantly improved in his down. Bentley does spook easily with loud noises such as scraping chairs or loud banging but does great with everything else. He was a little uneasy when we first got there and was definitely a bit overwhelmed but he was able to get the hang of everything quickly and settle into his new environment. He stayed in a down while we enjoyed some lunch at the food court but he was definitely interested in some birds that passed around him. He was a good boy! 


Pupdate 2/24/2023

Bentley and I worked on all of his commands today around distractions. He did a great job and seemed to do a lot better getting used to a new environment. Bentley did amazing with his down and was able to hold all of his commands. He is such a sweet boy! 


Puodate 2/25/2023

Bentley and I worked on all of his manners at home today! He did a great job working on all of us commands. Bentley enjoyed his last day with me lounging in my home and playing with some of his favorite stuffed toys! Overall, he did a great job and he can’t wait to show you all that he has learned. 


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