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Bentley | Golden Retriever | Camarillo, CA | In - Training

Meet Bentley! The most kind 10 month old golden retriever from Camarillo, CA! Bentley joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program to work on his leash pulling, and his greeting manners. Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation!


Pupdate: 10/17/21

Today Bentley and I worked on getting to know each other! He adapted quickly to his space and Ozzy was very welcoming! Stay tuned for Bentleys 1st lesson!


Pupdate: 10/18/21

Bentley did well for his 1st lesson! He responded well to the E-collar and was learning his recall quickly. He is a very sweet boy and slept comfortably last night! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson!


Pupdate: 10/19/21

Bentley had so much fun today! He enjoyed walking through the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles! He also did a good job not pulling or jumping! Bentley is learning so much and always wakes up with a smile ready for the next adventure! Keep up the good work Bentley!


Pupdate: 10/20/21

Today Bentley did a great job on his heel command near distractions! He seems to be a lot more itchy around his neck area. I have checked it and It’s clear, it could be him still getting used to wearing and walking by the collar. Stay tuned for more progress!


Pupdate: 10/21/21

Bentley worked on his place command today. He did a great job building his confidence and placing on high objects he didn’t think he could jump on to. Bentley has been doing well with his greeting manners today and he went all day without jumping. Check back tomorrow for more Pupdate fun!


Pupdate: 10/22/21

Bentley did a great job working on his duration commands today! It took a lot of confidence for him to hold his place near so many distractions! He did a good job working beside Oreo another pup in training and his smile gets bigger and bigger by the day! Stay tuned for more fun!


Pupdate: 10/23/21

Today Bentley did good with his commands. He worked a lot on his duration sit/down and has gained the confidence to hold his commands. Sweet boy Bentley is achieving so much During this training and enjoys every adventure we go on! Stay tuned for more progress!


Pupdate: 10/24/21

Bentley is doing a good job on his commands! Todays duration down was better than yesterdays and he gives great eye contact with his name recall. His leg seemed a bit stiff today after our walk, it could be because it was a little more chilly. Check back tomorrow for more Pupdates!



Bentley did a great job today! He did well holding his commands throughout the rainy day and did well with his greeting manners. His confidence increased so much and he enjoys every training session. His leg was a lot better today, stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun!


Pupdate: 10/26/21

Bentley was the happiest boy today, he worked a lot on his duration place command all through the out the day! We also got a chance to work off leash! He did well and responded to every command! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun!


Pupdate: 10/27/21

Bentley had so much fun being off leash today! He did a great job with his commands and listened well to another trainer working with him! This should help make his transition a lot more smooth now he understands what is asked of him! Great job Bentley!


Pupdate: 10/28/21

Bentley enjoys having freedom in an open space and he listens well to his commands! He’s gotten better on his greeting manners and holding his sit! Great job Bentley! Check back in tomorrow for fun Friday!


Pupdate: 10/29/21

Bentley had so much fun today seeing costumes and pumpkins, it had him in the Halloween spirit! He did a great job today with all his commands and working off leash! He’s received so many compliments on how well behaved he is! Great job Bentley!


Pupdate: 10/30/21

Bentley enjoyed his last day today! He understands all commands and has built great confidence throughout his training! He is now ready to show his family his new skills! Great job Bentley! Be on the look out for his final video!



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