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Benji | Bernedoodle | Los Angeles, CA - In Training

Meet Benji! He is a 10 month old Bernedoodle from Los Angeles, CA. He is with us for our One-Week Board and Train Program. He has had a few lessons with us but is here to get better at coming back to his mom, getting better focus, and learn to listen even when he is at the park! He is one sweet boy and I can't wait to see how much he is going to learn in the next 7-days!


Pupdate 10/18/2020

Big Benji is all settled into the temporary new digs! He is actually being fantastic in the kennel and (after quite a few reps) is even going in it without much of a fuss already. He wasn't super hungry, which is completely normal most pups skip their first meal or two and it is nothing to be concerned about. We worked on going in and out of the kennel, did a run through of his E-collar knowledge, did his "before" video and he is all pooped out for the night! I can't wait to really get started with his training tomorrow!


Pupdate 10/19/2020

Benji did really well today! He is going in and out of the kennel with out issue, slept through the night like a baby, and is doing really well with his commands! He wasn't hungry for breakfast but worked up his appetite for an extra big dinner! We checked out where he is at with all the commands from his lessons and while he is definitely starting off with a lot of knowledge there is still so much I am excited to teach him over the next week!


Pupdate 10/20/2020

Benji practiced outside the skate park with a bunch of pup distractions today! We practiced a bit of everything and worked on paying more attention to me during commands than the other pups. He was a bit spazzy at first with his attention all over the place but he quickly got dialed in and really showed off his stuff!


Pupdate 10/21/2020

Benji worked on getting some distance and duration for all of his commands with dog distractions and no leash direction! I didn't pick it up off the grounds a single time in his sessions today! He is doing really well and all of his commands are expanding really well. He had a little anxiety in the kennel last night but only because he drank a bit too much water before bed and needed a mid night potty break.


Pupdate 10/22/2020

Benji is looking so great! He is getting close to filming his final video and I couldn't be more proud of everything he has learned in the past few days! He is still his lovey self but is starting to look for direction a lot more!


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