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Bear | Irish Setter/Golden Retriever | Santa Monica, CA- in training

Bear is a 7 month old, returning training canine. Bear originally came as a 12 week old

Bear has spent the morning working on duration down and duration sit. Not terribly exciting, but he certainly looks regal performing the commands.


Training was very wet yesterday. This was this morning and everyone was much happier to be out and running around.


Bear performing a duration down. We spent more than an hour investigating HD, sniffing, greeting, and exploring. Bear does not ride well 8n cars so the 10 minute drive had to be put to good use.

The two Bears were out doing tandem off leash training today. Lots of ducks, geese, people, and a horse for distractions.

Distance sit and down today

Taking a break from distance command practice.

Bear was very happy to take a break from training today.

Bear happily performing the under command. Bear has learned even to resist the morsels that fall under the chair- well, mostly.

Mr. Bear had other ideas about doing an off leash heel video on the Santa Monica Pier. Raw footage- adults only.


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