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Bean | Miniature Bull Terrier | Los Angeles, California In‐Training

Updated: Jan 21

He is not potty trained. Parents dont like that he bites (puppy nipping). He doesn't listen or know any commands. We are super excited to be working with Bean.

Pupdate 01/06/2020

Pupdate 01/07/2020

I Met the twins today.

Pupdate 01/08/2020

Pupdate 01/09/2020

Great training day at the park

Pupdate 01/10/2020

Pupdate 01/11/2020

Another trip home depot

Pupdate 01/12/2020

Pupdate 01/13/2020

Working on calm energy.

Food manners

Pupdate 01/14/2020

Pupdate 01/15/2020

Having lots of fun at the park

Pupdate 01/18/2020