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Beacon | Boxer Mix | Camarillo, CA | In- Training

Meet Beacon, the five-year-old Weimaraner/Boxer mix from Camarillo CA. Beacon is here for our world famous Two Week Boarding and Training Program. Beacon has a tendency to jump up when meeting new people, pulls when out for a walk on leash, can run out of the front door if left unattended. Despite her age will not recall and run away from the handler. Overall, Beacon is a wonderful family dog, that needs some structure and a mastery of basic obedience, so that she can become the pup that everyone believes she can be. Stay tuned for her pawsome transformation!


Pupdate 7/23/2023

Upon arriving home, Beacon made herself comfortable and had no issues adjusting. She is an excitable pup, who becomes very wiggly when she sees us. Don’t let her age fool you! While familiarizing herself with the yard space Beacon showed some slight nervousness and anxious behaviors. As the neighbors were outside, enjoying the pool, Beacon was very consumed with any sound they made. She turns her head and points her ears forward to try and figure out where those sounds are coming from. During this time, she also stiffens her body posture, indicating that she is either on high alert or more so unsure of the noises.


Pupdate 7/24/2023

Ms. Beacon had a great first day of training! We introduced the Come to Sit command, also known as Recall. A solid recall for all canines is an important aspect of training to ensure a pup’s safety.

When we ask Beacon to Come, we want her to come to our right-hand side, loop directly behind us, ending in a seated position on our lefthand side. Once in this position we can then ask her to Heel, Sit (for an extended amount of time) or Break! (Release command). Please note that we do not use “stay” as a command. We simply repeat the last ask (in this case Sit) to remind her of the task at hand. Please listen to the auto on today’s video for more information about the Come to Sit command!


Pupdate 7/25/2023

Today’s success for Beacon was introducing her to the Heel and Place command. Our training method for Heel involved a series of turns, stops and changing pace to help Beacon understand the necessity of following our lead. It is important to stay consistent in all aspects of Beacons’ life and ensure an appropriate follow-through with each task. Please listen to the audio for today’s video regarding the Place command!



Beacon has been doing a tremendous job thus far in her training with the basic commands in and around the home! She understands her Come to Sit, Sit/Down/Place (holding her positions as well) and her Heel command. Our next step is to start venturing out to public spaces and work on all the commands with various distractions to help solidify the commands. Inside the home she’s been working on her Door Manners, learning she isn’t allowed to cross through a doorway without permission. With all of her commands she does need reminders but that does not take away from her being a smart cookie!

At times, she may test the boundaries to see what she can get away with. If you give her an inch, she will take a mile! The best practice will always be staying consistent and firm with your rules and boundaries set.



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