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Baxter | Terrier Mix | Westlake Village, CA | In Training |

I’d like to give Baxter a nice warm welcome to the OffLeash SoCal pack. Baxter is a 7 month old Terrier, Chihuahua mix from Westlake Village, CA. When first meeting Baxter he was very vocal and untrusting of strangers. He is here for our 1 week board and train program to help with his socialization skills, basic commands, and confidence. I’m excited to work with Baxter and see his capabilities.


Pupdate 06/29/2020


Pupdate 06/30/2020

Baxter got to walk around the block today and experienced dog distractions along the way. When heeling Baxter I keep him on my left side and his nose doesn’t pass my foot.


Pupdate 07/01/2020

Today Baxter started to break out of his shell and show his PAWSOME personality. He was actually smiling because he started to like training.


Pupdate 07/02/2020


Pupdate 07/03/2020


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