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Baxter | 4 Months Old | Pomsky | Alhambra, CA | In Training

Welcoming Baxter, the 4 month old Pomsky into our 3 week puppy program! We are so excited to have him joining our pack. Baxter is going to learn lots of fundamental commands and building good habits that he can continue to practice as he gets older. He will also be learning to not despise the crate so much. We can't wait to get started!


Pupdate 06/07/2020

Baxter hanging out in the living room with me quite a bit today. I have him walking around on a 15ft leash so I have a little more control over him at all times. We played with some toys and practiced some basics like sit and lay down. As excited as Baxter was, he was even able to hold a command until I gave him the release command " break" to go play with ball I had placed right in front of him.


Pupdate 06/08/2020

Happy boys out on our walk. We ran through a sprinkler to cool off and Baxter actually enjoyed it! After doing some heel practice the pups had some play time before it was lunch time. Nap time for these two before our night session of training.


Pupdate 06/09/2020

Baxter out getting some socialization with a bunch of other off leash pups. He loves the contact with other pooches.


Pupdate 06/10/2020


Pupdate 06/11/2020

Baxter executing the place command on this fountain. He is a confident puppy who, with some guidance, will do what you ask him to. Baxter is getting more used to his crate every day. He typically cries when I first put him in it but within 10 minutes will stop and go to sleep. Having his crate secluded to a more peaceful area of the house may prove beneficial. Baxter wants to play if he knows you're around him.


Pupdate 06/12/2020

Baxter out at the park getting his heel practice for the day. Baxter is walking better while on the leash for farther distances than when we first started. He is giving me less sass everyday.


Pupdate 06/13/2020

Practicing potty training. Keeping Baxter in a regular routine helps set Baxter up for success. Managing a consistent regime for him includes taking him out of his kennel and taking him straight to his potty spot, taking him to his spot right after he finishes a meal, and before bed. Heavy praise when he goes where he is supposed to helps encourage him to continue going in that spot.


Pupdate 06/14/2020

Out on our evening walk. Baxter working on heeling some more along with learning how to sit when we come to a stop. With some time and more practice, Baxter should begin automatically sitting on his own.


Pupdate 06/15/2020

Baxter working on the place command today. He is learning to sit down and hold the command until he hears the release command "Break". He has been getting much more comfortable with his crate and actually likes going in there after some hard work in our training sessions. Makes it through the night without much fuss now.


Pupdate 06/16/2020

Baxter is doing better staying in his crate without crying. We have been doing lots of command practice and he is starting to be more obedient to commands.


Pupdate 06/17/2020


Pupdate 06/18/2020

Out early today working on heel. We walked along side of a wall around the perimeter of a park for about a hour and a half. Baxter definitely is getting more comfortable sticking close by my side while walking. We also practiced keeping him from picking up random things off the floor. He is making great progress!


Pupdate 06/19/2020


Pupdate 06/20/2020

Out doing some cone work at a park around some kids playing. Baxter was working hard to stay focused, he definitely would have rather been playing with those kids but he soldiered through his lesson and got rewarded with extra play time after his hard work. Enjoying the cooler weather.


Pupdate 06/21/2020


Pupdate 06/22/2020

Baxter out on our walk cheesing. His heel has been really improving with the help of his training collar. Such a happy boy always excited and ready to practice commands. The training collar is also a great tool to have for when he gets in one of his stubborn or overly excited puppy biting moods.


Pupdate 06/23/2020


Pupdate 06/24/2020

Baxter out heeling with his new friend in training, Clyde. They have been enjoying playing with each other when they are taking a break from training. Happy boys!


Pupdate 06/25/2020


Pupdate 06/26/2020

Cute Baxter all ready to head back home and show off some of his new found skills. He has been such a joy to have around the house I am sad to see him go! Happy about his progress.


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