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Barnaby | Pitbull | Granada Hills, CA

Pupdate 08/02/2020


Welcome Barnaby! He is here for a 2 week board and train to learn how to be a well behaved good boy. He is smart and picks up things quickly but likes to do it on his own terms. His habits of jumping when greeting new people, trying to run ahead on walks, and dashing out of boundaries are ready to be fixed. We will be teaching him that listening to his handler even when he'd rather do something else is a lot more fun and rewarding.

He is such a smart fella. We first stopped at the park and Barnaby got the chance to learn that just because the crate door opens does not mean he can dart out and explore. He is staying hydrated and is almost ready for dinner. We are keeping outside sessions short and in the shade until it cools down. He's doing really really well!

After our trip to the park we worked on some crate training. He wasn't a fan of going in so we spent some time teaching him what "kennel" means. He started to get the hang of it by the end of the night and was no longer putting up a fight when asked to go in. We worked on place and come but he was definitely a natural when asked to "place" on a cot. We ended the night with a walk around the neighborhood and did lots of stop-sits and turns to make sure he was paying attention. Overall it was a great first day.

Barnaby's arrival weight.


Pupdate 08/03/2020

Barnaby has almost mastered the whole "go in the crate and wait to come out" request. Here he is in a down as it's teaching him that a calm state is needed before he can come out. This way we don't have any dashing out of the crate the moment he sees the light. He is always so happy when I approach the crate his tail mimics the sound of someone knocking at the door.

He learned place and down today. I had a feeling this guy could jump a little and he showed that he can! I had him place on a cot and an outdoor porch chair. With dogs barking, doors opening and closing, people walking by he showed great impulse control.

He is a little tired when we go to work even with some rest in between walks but his stamina will develop with time. He is still learning the new routine. His cuddles are very heart melting and the best part of "breaks".

Barnaby ate all his food this morning and got to test out some different places objects. He is doing great on his walks and is thinking about staying in his heel when passing other people.

We took a trip to the park today and worked on a heel, come and sit with distractions and loading into the crate. He was rocky in the beginning and kept trying to detour to the grass but he made progress towards the end. Before his dinner he got to work more on place, down and come to heel.


Pupdate 08/05/2020

Barnaby placing on a tree stump. He took a few tries before he got on but with kids on scooters, bikes, a couple dogs and some other people passing by he held it very nicely.


Pupdate 08/06/2020

Mr. Barnaby has made a lot of progress since day 1. He went on a nice walk this morning and showed really nice understanding of pace changes and has improved on turning with me without lagging behind. He's not a speedy mover but he is learning to pick up the pace when asked.

He got to experience some tough dog distractions while having to hold a place and he barely cared. He only got up twice and was easily and quickly moved back into place. He slept about 90% of the time the other dog was playing and barking just a few feet away from him.


Pupdate 08/07/2020

Barnaby did some place to place today with chairs, cots, and the back of the car. He is a smart dog and is starting to understand my direction better and follow what is being asked of him and holding it till released. We have begun dragging a shorter leash in lower distraction places and he is doing really well keeping up his heel with my pace. He is making great progress.


Pupdate 08/08/2020

Barnaby went to the park today and worked on heeling with a dropped leash around distractions. He did really great, got distracted by some barking dogs but after reworking past them he walked by without a second glance. He still gets distracted with his come to heel but it's a huge improvement from where we started. Overall he is doing great! Super proud of his progress.

"Place" command on a rock


Pupdate 08/09/2020

Barnaby got to go to a park in santa Clarita today and worked on his recall, come to sit and down. He did really well the entire trip. There were kids, other dogs, and wildlife around and he behaved nicely.

Holding a sit from a distance


Pupdate 08/10/2020

Barnaby hit a lot of milestones today. He heeled with a dog he's never met before. We went to a big park and worked on place. He got to go to Home Depot as well and was a little distracted in the beginning with all the new sounds but behaved as if he's been there before. Worked on dropped leash and on only a leash tab heeling at Home Depot.


Pupdate 08/11/2020

Barnaby worked on heeling and place -to- place today. He did pretty well with his heel but he is working on staying close with tight turns. He did really well when asked to lie down on place while a big distraction was nearby. He did get distracted by a dog but recovered good.


Pupdate 08/12/2020

Barnaby worked on heeling through weave piles to tighten his position. He was alittle wide in the beginning but did start to catch on to what was being asked. He worked on duration place with food distractions. He slept through the entire episode and after a quick "No" and reminding him what he was asked to do, he ignored the food and relaxed.


Pupdate 08/13/2020

Barnaby did very well today. We worked on off leash heeling in my neighborhood and holding each command during the walk. He walked by a barking dog and kept his position. We also worked on his off leash heel while going through weave poles.


Pupdate 08/14/2020

Barnaby was eager to practice crate manners. Barnaby worked on off leash heeling from the car all the way through a few weave poles that were set out. He woke up alittle extra spunky this morning and tried to head back to the car a few times for an early break. But after working him through his commands he heeled very nicely and politely walked with me through weave poles. He also got to do send from place to place and loud trucks drove right next to us. At the end of the day Barnaby did very well.


Pupdate 08/15/2020

Barnaby went to a big park today and heeled off leash while we passed kids, people and other dogs. He got distracted only a few times but did outstanding the entire trip. He did a duration down as carts passed infront of him and he didn't budged a muscle. We ended the night with a nice heel with another person and dog. He also got to do a short off leash heel with another dog walking off leash right next to him. Very proud of how far Barnaby has come!



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