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Daniff - Dog Training | Bailey | Pasadena, CA

Bailey, a Daniff from Pasadena, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 3 week Board & Train dog training program. Bailey was trained by dog trainer Katie Lapin in Los Angeles, CA.

In Training:

Meet Bailey! She is a 6 month old Great Dane Mastiff Mix, also known as a Daniff. Bailey is a sweet and cuddly puppy. Her parents are hoping she will become a great service dog for her dad. Bailey will be with me for a 3 week board and train to accomplish the necessary temperament and commands needed. Not only is she here for service training, but we are going to be learning basic obedience. Bailey has Tunnel vision when she goes on walks, poor leash manners, low confidence, eats everything off the ground, and is afraid of the dark. Cannot wait to start out working relationship!


PUPDATE 10/12/2020


PUPDATE 10/13/2020

Was VERY interested in my dog pin wheel!

She is like a fish out of water trying to sit on the scale. She leans on the boards in the back instead of the scale...oh Bailey!

Have Shannon know this is after training, after water intake and before dinner lol


PUPDATE 10/14/2020

Bailey was around service dogs in training to get use to being around calm dogs. She was very excited in the beginning and then I trained her a little bit and then got tired and calmed down to an acceptable level

Getting all that dog socialization in! I also encouraged her to greet the other people in the group. She did better than expected.


PUPDATE 10/15/2020


PUPDATE 10/16/2020


PUPDATE 10/17/2020


Pupdate 10/18/2020

Good Place!

Working on common sounds to desensitize for service work with a ladder. I went around her while she was in a down command on the place cot and open and closed it and even went above her head. She only got out of the command once. Success in my book!


PUPDATE 10/19/2020


PUPDATE 10/20/2020


PUPDATE 10/21/2020

Other Trainer loving on sweet Bailey


PUPDATE 10/22/2020


PUPDATE 10/23/2020


PUPDATE 10/24/2020


PUPDATE 10/25/2020


PUPDATE 10/26/2020

Good Down

"Bailey, Come"


PUPDATE 10/27/2020


PUPDATE 10/28/2020


PUPDATE 10/29/2020

Lots of distractions while the park gardeners were cleaning


PUPDATE 10/30/2020


PUPDATE 10/31/2020

Looking real sad there Bailey

Bailey almost all dried off. She liked getting wiped down with the towels and she was acting like it was a game. Better a game than the towel being the enemy?


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