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Ayla | German Shepherd Dog Training | Long Beach, CA

Ayla the 2 year old German Shepard from Long Beach, CA recently completed her 2 Week Board & Train dog training program with Balanced Canine Training SoCal trainer Heather Acosta.

In Training:

This 2 year old girl was recently rescued and is her new owners first dog ever. Signed up for training so they can all enjoy each other to the absolute fullest.

Learning place is going to help them with her insane ball drive

Out on our first of many field trips

Who said you can’t have fun and train at the same time

Beach day field trips are a must

Last min Christmas shopping

Working some dog distracting today

Working on after videos!

what distractions?

This girly is ready to go home tomorro. Just in time for New Year, New Me.

OffLeash SoCal provides off-leash dog training for the Long Beach area.


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